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Can you Ice Skate while Pregnant?

Can you ice skate while pregnant? Learn more in this detailed guide!

Most pregnant mothers need exercise, but not as straining as ice staking.

It is a recommendable physical fitness exercise, but the chances of falling when pregnant are high. It might harm you and the unborn baby.

You can consider other physical engagements without the falling risk if you want physical fitness.

The unexpected might happen like; miscarriage on exposing yourself to strenuous exercise like ice skating.

Can you Ice Skate while Pregnant?

Ice skating when pregnant isn’t a good idea, though you can ice skate in the first trimester.

Pregnancy affects body imbalance, lowers confidence, and increases the risk of a miscarriage.

Also, ice skating rinks are often cold and may be uncomfortable for expectant mothers.

Below I explain why ice skating while pregnant isn’t a good idea!

1. Pregnancy Affects Body Balance

Pregnant mothers can easily fall, but a few visit healthcare to confirm the effects of injuries on the unborn baby.

Less than half of them get injuries depending on the trimester. The first trimester might not be severe because the baby is in the formation process.

But, when you fall in the second and third pregnancy trimesters, you need special attention.

The activities you performed before pregnancy without a fall might make you slip and fall.

This is because your body is imbalanced due to the growing baby pump, and you can’t steadily support yourself.

You can see your doctor if;

  • Your amniotic fluid is leaking, or you have vaginal bleeding
  • There is a slow movement of your baby
  • Your stomach has abnormal pain
  • You fall forward sleeping on your pump
  • You have consistent contractions

Your biggest concern while pregnant is to ensure your baby is safe. Consider exercises like running and other manageable activities during pregnancy.

2. Pregnancy Lowers Confidence

The skaters who value ice skating training and those who have been skating for years will tell you ice skating needs confidence.

If you ice skate with confidence, you are unlikely to cause accidents.

Pregnancy lowers your confidence because you worry about the development of your baby.

Sometimes you might lose focus due to the movement of your baby.

Other times your body changes may lower your self-esteem. That way, you will not focus all your attention on ice skating.

3. Falling When Ice Skating Can Cause a Miscarriage

Miscarriage is the abrupt termination of pregnancy at an early stage, about 20 weeks.

Abnormal development of your baby or pump injury causes miscarriage.

Falling is sure when ice skating. When you fall on hard ice, you might fall unexpectedly on hard ice.

For example, you might be unlucky to fall on your baby pump, hurt your placenta, and suffer a miscarriage.

This may result in vaginal bleeding or leakage of amniotic fluid, delayed baby movement, uterine or pelvic pain, or contractions beginning before the delivery date.

If any of the above occurs, seek medical attention immediately.

3. Ice Skating Rinks are Cold and May be Uncomfortable for You

The rink is where ice skating occurs. The temperature on rinks is low such that it maintains ice frozen. 

If you are pregnant, the low temperatures could be unfavorable. Pregnancy and coldness might cause you complications and discomfort.

You and your baby can also get sick from the cold environment.

A complication like pneumonia exposes your baby to the danger of developing chest problems in the future.

How to Stay Safe Ice Skating While Pregnant

If you want to ice skate while pregnant, take precautions as discussed below;

  • Wear fitting footwear. The fitting footwear helps you to control yourself while ice skating. Falling is not easy with the correct footwear.
  • Equip yourself with protective gear. Falling is unpredictable, so you need to wear a helmet and other wear to protect your delicate body parts like knees. You will be confident ice skating because you will not be hurt when you fall.
  • Don’t over-lean forward while skating. Depending on the stage of pregnancy, over-leaning forward may not be a good idea. Though it’s the recommended ice skating posture, you’ll want to avoid it. Importantly, your knees should be slightly bent to transfer body weight to your toe balls. This way, you can’t fall on your back because of imbalance.
  • Don’t jump or spin. Avoid jumping and spinning while skating on ice if you value your safety. Jumping and spinning increase the risk of falling on hard ice

Can You Ice Skate While Pregnant: FAQs

What activities can you do while pregnant?

While pregnant, you can ice skate. However, it is important to consult with your healthcare provider first before doing any activity that could be harmful to yourself or your pregnancy. Always wear a helmet and pads when ice skating.

Can bumpy rides affect pregnancy?

Bumpy rides may not be the best thing for pregnant women, as they can cause some discomfort. Talk to your healthcare provider for further guidance.

Can you sled if your pregnant?

Sledding while pregnant is not recommended as it can be hazardous to your and the baby’s health. Some of the risks include falling down, getting stuck in snow banks, getting injured, or even being pulled off a sled by an animal.

What are the risks of skating during pregnancy?

The risks of skating during pregnancy include falling, getting stuck in snow banks, and ice skate accidents. It is important to consult with your healthcare provider about any activities you plan to do while pregnant.

Is there a risk for my baby if I am skating when he/she is in utero?

There is a risk for your baby if you skate while pregnant. Skating can cause falls, ice skate accidents, and other injuries that may be harmful to both you and your unborn child.

How do you ice skate while pregnant?

When skating while pregnant, it is important to wear a helmet and pads. You may also need to take regular breaks so that you don’t exert yourself too much.

Do I need special skates for my baby bump?

No, you don’t need special skates for your baby bump. However, some skaters prefer to use ice skates that have a wider blade and softer ice so they can glide more easily.

How is skating during pregnancy different than skating before pregnancy?

Skating during pregnancy is different than skating before pregnancy in that you need to be more cautious. You should always consult with your healthcare provider before engaging in any physical activity while pregnant because there are risks to both your health and the baby’s.

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