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Does Roller Skating Damage Laminate Floors?

Does roller skating damage laminate floors? You've come to the right place if you're looking to know whether you can roller skate on laminate floors. Read this comprehensive guide to find out!

Roller skating can give you an exciting and fun experience. Besides, it’s a sport with numerous health benefits and there are plenty of places and surfaces for roller skating

Roller skating at home is convenient, safe, and fun, especially when you can’t make it to your local skate park or rink.

The best part? Homes have numerous surface types like laminate, concrete, and wood floors. Laminate floors are affordable, sturdy, easy to maintain, install, and scratch resistant.

You may be thinking, does roller skating damage laminate floors? Don’t sweat it! I got you if you’re wondering whether you can roller skate on laminate floors. That’s why I’ve put together this guide.

So, let’s get to it!

Does Roller Skating Damage Laminate Floors?

Does roller skating damage laminate floors? No, roller skating doesn’t damage laminate floors. Laminate floors are sturdy, scratch resistant, and smooth to increase traction when skating. You can enjoy skating on your laminate floor so long as you are using high-quality skate wheels.

Even if you are satisfied with “does roller skating damage laminate floors,” the skate wheels must always be clean with no sharp edges as this can scratch the floor.

Before using your skates, wipe the wheels with a wet cloth and let them dry completely. Also, the skate wheels must be made of smooth materials. 

Some cheap plastic roller skate wheels on the market can damage your laminate floor. You should avoid them for your laminate floors.

Why Roller Skating Doesn’t Damage Laminate Floors

When flooring a home, the materials are usually quality to withstand weight and movements. 

This reduces the possibility of wear and tear. And due to this, it’s hard for you to damage your laminate floor through skating.

You know how toe stops and spins can damage your floors. You can only see scratches if your roller skate wheels got sharp edges.

Consider a natural rubber-colored toe stop if you want to comfortably skate on your laminate floor.

How to Roller Skate on Laminate Floors

Take your pair of skates and put them on. You can start walking if it’s your first time skating on a laminate floor. 

Through this, you will get used to this floor and the skates. Be on balance for easy switching of feet. You can start lifting your foot, and don’t fret as you may fall.

You can now shift weight from left to right and start rolling. It’s time to bend your knees and start pushing off one skate to the next. 

When skating, don’t lean back, as laminate floors are slippery. Still, you can skate next to your wall for grapping in case you lose balance.

After gaining balance, you can go fast and enjoy roller skating. Here are quick tips for roller skating on laminate floors!

  • Avoid or minimize spins and other tricks: performing roller skating tricks like spins is fun and fulfilling. The problem is that they can leave marks or scratch laminate floors.  
  • Learn other stopping techniques: the heel-toe and t-stop techniques are the primary braking techniques for beginners and intermediates. But since they involve dragging the feet, they can leave marks or scratch laminate floors.
  • Moderate roller skating activity: roller skating at home is fun and convenient. But since you’re likely to scratch or leave marks on laminate floors, it’s advisable to moderate how frequently you skate on them.
  • Use soft wheels: soft wheels have more friction and traction and are slower. They’re the best for laminate floors which can be slippery sometimes. RollerBones Team Logo 98A Recreational Roller Skate Wheels and Bont Skates – Evolve Roller Derby Skate Wheel are reliable soft roller skate wheels. Feel free to check them out on Amazon.

What is Good about Laminate Floor on Roller Skating

Laminate floors are suitable for skating. Why? They’re sturdy and provide a smooth surface for easy roller skating.

This surface is usually smooth to enhance the easy switching of feet when skating. This is what helps you to move fast.

Take care of your laminate floor, as it is the most expensive type of flooring. You can taste your floor through skating a little to confirm any damage.

Which Wheel Is Best To Skate With On Laminate Floors?

If you love roller skating, the skate wheels you choose matter greatly. You can get a rink wheel ideal for rink skating in the market.

But it is good to go for the gummy outdoor wheel when it comes to indoor skating on laminate floors. 

Such a wheel will help you have a firm grip on your slippery laminate flooring. Still, you can easily control your speed with a gummy wheel to avoid crashing into house items.

The other good thing with gummy skate wheels is that you can use them while outside to skate

Never go for cheap, low-quality wheels if you want to enjoy roller skating safely. Remember to consider dry open places when skating. Avoid skating in the rain.

Other Types of Floors Best for Roller Skating

Roller skating within your home involves challenges like crushing things while on the move.

Why not think of building your roller skating rink. The floor is the first thing to invest in dearly. And so, let’s explore the several flooring options you can think of.

1. Hardwood Maple Flooring

Though a bit expensive, hardwood maple flooring is the best option. The experience when roller skating is overwhelming.

Floors made of wood are soft, and it’s hard for you to get hurt after a fall. Furthermore, they are smooth to enhance traction when roller skating.

Besides, cleaning wood floors is easy as you only need a scrubber and some detergents. But you must be keen when cleaning to avoid interfering with the polyurethane coating.

2. Concrete Flooring

You can consider concrete for your roller skating rink. Unlike wood, concrete is more slippery, making it perfect for skaters who love spinning. 

It’s easy and fast to install concrete as you only need to pour it on the ground. Make sure as you pour the variance is below ¼.

When cleaning, you can try using oil, grease, wax, paint or use caring compounds.

3. Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles

The interlocking floor tiles are made from polypropylene. Again, they are of different colors to bring beauty to your skating arena.

They come in small pieces measuring 304.8mm x 304.8mm x 12.2mm. You can call a professional or use your hammer to fix the tiles.

These tiles got holes on the surface to drain water in case of rain and even allow heat to escape when it’s hot. At the bottom of the tiles, there are pillars to support your floor.

Nevertheless, it’s odorless, and it’s made from non-toxic metal. This is an ideal flooring option if you are a beginner or want to train your kids.

Below are some of the best Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles to consider. Feel free to check them out on Amazon!

Does Roller Skating Damage Laminate Floors | Wrapping Up

You can think of roller skating if you love having fun with friends and even family members. It’s a thrilling activity that comes with a variety of health benefits.

As elaborated in this article, hopefully, you are not worried about “does roller skating damage laminate floors?

You can enjoy roller skating within your home despite you having laminate floors. It’s time to get suitable roller skates and your protective gear and start skating.

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