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How Can I Learn Ice Skating Fast? (7 Reliable Ways!)

How can I learn ice skating fast? If you're looking for ways to fast-track your learning, you've come to the right place. I've put together this comprehensive guide to help you improve your ice skating skills fast. So, read on!

How can I learn ice skating fast? Ice skating is fun and therapeutic. When starting, you can’t wait to perform the cool ice skating tricks like the experts. This can make you worry, especially when you don’t see progress.

So, I’ve put together a comprehensive guide to show you what to do to learn ice skating fast. The recommendations are tested by expert ice skaters, and they work. So, you can rely on them. Below is a quick rundown of what to do.

  • Sign up for Ice Skating Lessons
  • Follow ice skating Experts and Icons on Social Media
  • Watch free Ice Skating Tutorials on YouTube
  • Practice more Often (both indoors and outdoors)
  • Have Fun and Stay Positive
  • Cross-trains with Rollerblading
  • Join your Local Ice Skating Groups

How can I learn Ice Skating Fast?

This is only the sneak peek view of what to expect. In the rest of this post, I go in-depth into how you can learn ice skating fast to become the pro you’ve always wanted. You don’t want to miss out on this. So, I urge you to read on!

1. Sign up for Ice Skating Lessons

The truth is, there are self-taught ice skaters and ones that have enrolled for serious professional coaching. If you asked their experience from the choices they made, the self-taught ice skaters would tell you the struggles and hardships they’ve endured.

At the same time, ice skaters that have gone through professional coaching will admit how much learning has been a breeze for them. So, why the disparity between the two groups? You could be asking. Here’s the thing:

Self-taught ice skaters are like a ship in the deep seas and a storm without a radar. The captain goes through a lot of hardship to steer the ship and to put it back on course. It can take longer to bring the ship to the harbor, and two, if he’s unfortunate, the ship can capsize.

That’s how it feels when you’re skating on your own without the direction of a more experienced trainer. It’ll take you longer than necessary to learn basic skills like the recommended ice skating position, proper edge control, and how to stop.

If this goes on for a long time, you’re likely to throw in the towel along the way. But this is what you’re trying to avoid. Isn’t it?  That’s why you can’t afford to do it on your own. The very least you need to succeed in ice skating is someone watching over your shoulder.

This is where signing up for ice skating lessons comes in handy. In case you’re worried about the cost, it isn’t much. The best part is, you can opt for hourly-based lessons or fixed lessons lasting between six and 12 weeks, depending on your availability and what interests you.

On average, ice skating lessons cost between $5 and $200, with an average of $44 per hour. On the flip side, you should expect to pay anywhere between $49 and $150 for a fixed 6-12 weeks series of lessons. This is the same for figure skating, hockey skating, speed skating, and recreational skating. As you can see, the lessons aren’t expensive after all!

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2. Follow ice skating Experts and Icons on Social Media

The reason they’re experts is that they’ve been to where you’re going. So, if you want to learn ice skating fast, it would be best to identify a few of them, then follow them on social media.

Many times ice skating experts share valuable ice skating tips alongside video tutorials on their social media accounts. Therefore, you don’t want to miss out on these free invaluable tips when they’re dropped. There are thousands, if not millions, of ice skaters. Who should I follow? You could be wondering.

According to Real Simple, some of the accomplished ice skaters to follow are Gillis Grafström (won 4 Olympic medals), Evgeni Plushenko (won 4 Olympic medals), Sonja Henie (3), Irina Rodnina (3), Artur Dmitriev (3), Andrée and Pierre, and Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir (3).

3. Watch free Ice Skating Tutorials on YouTube

There are tons of influential ice skaters publishing invaluable tips and videos on YouTube. If you can’t pay for ice skating lessons, you can still learn using these free YouTube videos. The first thing you need to do is identify one, or two ice skaters then subscribe to their channel.

The best thing is that some of them are pretty friendly, meaning you can comment on their videos to request further assistance. You only need to put your best foot forward, believe in yourself, and take the shot. Many skaters have broken through the ice of ice skating by going down this road.

4. Practice more Often (both indoors and outdoors)

Practicing more often goes a long way to help you learn ice skating fast. As a rule of thumb, try to go ice skating at least once a week. However, if you have more time, you should do ice skating 2-3 times a week, giving you an edge to learn fast.

In addition, you can alternate between an indoor and outdoor ice skating rink to spice up your learning. In summer, outdoor skating may not be possible. At this time, indoor ice skating rinks come in handy. So, you shouldn’t stop practicing when winter is over.

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5. Have Fun and Stay Positive                            

The truth is, ice skating can take longer to learn. Sometimes more than 12 weeks. If it were easy, everyone would be an ice skater. This, therefore, calls for resilience more than anything else. Without it, learning to ice skate will feel like work.

The secret to learning fast is having fun when ice skating and remaining positive. However hard things may appear, you should keep going, taking every session one day at a time. If you continue with consistency, there’ll be nothing standing in your way.

6. Cross-trains with Rollerblading

Ice skating and rollerblading are similar aerobic sports, meaning it’s possible to cross-train ice skating with rollerblading. The major difference is in skating surface and venue. Both skating sports share similar skating posture, stopping technique, push and glide techniques, safe falling technique, and cool tricks like crossovers and spins.

Since frequent indoor ice skating may be a hassle, especially when you have to pay to access the rink, you can practice ice skating techniques on rollerblades. Then, when you finally access the rinks, you can perfect the skills when wearing your ice skating shoes.

7. Join your Local Ice Skating Groups

Lastly, joining a local ice skating group is another excellent way to learn ice skating fast. Most ice skating groups comprise skating buddies from all levels of skating—beginners, intermediate, and experts.

Joining the team predisposes you to learn from more experienced skaters than you. It’s better than riding alone like a lone ranger. So, the first step is to make friends with as many like-minded ice skaters as possible.

And if there’s a ready group, you join it immediately. However, if there’s none, you can always create one. Ice skating is more fun and pleasurable when done in groups.

How can I learn Ice Skating Fast? Wrapping Up

How can I learn ice skating fast? There are several ways to learn ice skating fast. The tested and proven ones are;

  • Signing up for Ice Skating Lessons
  • Following ice skating Experts and Icons on Social Media
  • Watching free Ice Skating Tutorials on YouTube
  • Practicing more Often (both indoors and outdoors)
  • Having Fun and Staying Positive
  • Cross-training with Rollerblading
  • Joining your Local Ice Skating Groups

That’s it mate! I believe you found this guide helpful!

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