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How to Ice Skate Backwards – The Step-by-Step Guide

Are you wondering how to ice skate backwards? Read this complete guide to find out.

Are you new to ice skating and looking for some beginner tips? Or maybe you’re an experienced figure skater who wants to learn new tricks.

Either way, you’ll love this blog post! In it, I’ll show you how to ice skate backwards – step by step.

I’ll also provide quick tips and advice on improving your skating skills and give you some pointers on practicing back hockey and general ice skating.

So whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skater, this guide will help!

How to Ice Skate Backwards for Beginners

Ice skating backwards may seem daunting, but it can be easy with a bit of practice.

There are three primary ways to ice skate backwards. They include;

  • The S shape curvy waves.
  • The C cut technique.
  • Crossover turns.

Below I show you how to use each method step-by-step!

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1. The “S” Shape Curvy Waves

The guiding principle for back skating using the S shape curves is pushing the outside of the skates forward and out and then curving them back to the center.

Rinse and repeat for motion. Here’s the step-by-step guide on how to ice skate backwards using the “S” shape curvy waves!

Step 1: Bend the Knees

You want to bend slightly when ice skating to be in the recommended skating posture.

To bend your knees when ice skating, you’ll need to start from a standing position with your feet shoulder-width apart.

Keep your core engaged and back straight.

Now slowly lower the center of your body towards the ground until you’re in a squatting position, then push off of them and begin skating backwards!

Step 2: Push Yourself to Move Backward

When you want to skate backwards, the first thing you’ll need to do is push off of something solid.

If your ice rink doesn’t have a wall in place for beginners, then you can use any sturdy object around the room – like a couch or chair.

Once you’ve pushed off of it, start skating backward by pushing your skates straight out in front of you and slightly apart.

Keep your knees bent and stay balanced as best as possible! This is an excellent way to lower your center of gravity.

Step 3: Turn Toes inward while Gliding Backward

This is the beginning of the S shape. You’ll want to angle your toes inward to glide smoothly sideways when skating backward.

This will provide more control over your skates and make it easier for you to move backwards.

Step 4: Turn Your Heels inward while Your Legs Split

Turn your heels inwards to control the split as you move backwards.

As a result, your skates will move closer together, providing more stability and control when ice skating backwards.

Step 5: Use Your Groin Muscles to Pull Your Feet Back

You’ll need to bring your ice skates back to the middle. This is where your groin muscles come in handy.

Use them to pull your feet back – it’ll feel like you’re doing a leg curl.

Once your feet are pushed back to the center, hold them there and resume skating backwards!

Step 6: Angle Your Toes Inwards while Gliding Backward

This is the initial starting position in step 3 above. It’s where you repeat the curve by angling your toes inwards while gliding backward.

You’ll want to angle your toes inwards to curve your feet to the outside while ice skating backwards.

This will help you move sideways smoothly and keep your balance as you skate backward.

Step 7: Maintain an Upright Posture with Bent Knees to Control Body Weight

When ice skating backwards, you’ll want to keep your weight over your feet so you can skate with more control.

Keep your body upright and balance on your skate blades by slightly bending your knees.

This will help ensure you stay in one place and don’t flip upside-down!

Step 8: Repeat the “S” Curves to Skate Backward Smoothly

Keep making “S” curves by angling your skate blade inward. This will help you move backwards quickly and smoothly without having to fight against the ice.

2. The C-cut Technique

The C-cut technique is one of the easiest and fastest ways to ice skate backwards.

The method is characterized by making C shapes with the feet while skating backwards.

You’ll need to maintain the correct posture. i.e., bending your knees properly and keeping a straight back.

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to use the C-cut technique to ice skate backwards.

Step 1: Bend your knees and Keep Your Back Straight

Bending your knees will help you skate with more control, giving you more excellent stability as you ice skate backwards.

It’ll also enable you to move sideways easily without having to fight against the ice.

Maintaining a straight back is vital when skating backwards. It’ll help ensure your body stays upright and balanced even when skating at high speeds!

Step 2: Face Forward with Your Feet Shoulder Width Apart

Position your skates in front of you, spaced about shoulder-width apart, so that you can skate securely and comfortably.

Step 3: Take Small and Controlled Steps Backward

Start skating backwards by taking small, controlled steps backward. Be sure to keep your knees bent and the center of your body upright.

You may also consider pushing yourself off a wall or any other object to give your body momentum.

Step 4: Point Your Skate Tips Inwards

Pointing your skate’s tips inwards is an excellent way to position your feet for back skating.

So, you’ll want to turn your toes inwards while taking the small steps in the previous step. Your feet should take an inverted “V” shape.

Step 5: Use Your Right Foot to Push to the Sides

Push out and away from the center of your body with your toes pointed inwards.

The “C” shape’s top half is shown here. Pretend you’re sweeping something off the floor with your skate by pushing from the center of your blade.

Step 6: Pull the Heel to the Center

Next, you want to pull your heel back to the center to complete the C shape.

Turn your right heel to face your left foot. When you return, your toes will complete the “C” shape, turning them to face front.

This way, your feet go back to the starting position.

Step 7: Use Your Left Foot to Push to the Sides

Begin the “C” shape with the opposite foot by pushing it out and forward as you return your right foot to the center.

Alternate each foot to gain momentum while circling it back to the center.

Rinse and repeat as you develop more speed, strength, and confidence.

3. Backwards Crossover Turns

Backwards crossover turns are great for changing directions while ice skating backwards.

It involves crossing one foot over the other. This way, you maintain momentum while back skating. Here’s how to pull it off!

  • Be upright standing with slightly bent knees: The standstill position is excellent for practicing backward crossovers. This helps to keep your body weight in check and prevents possible falls when back skating.
  • Lift your left foot and bring it over to the right.
  • To uncross your legs, bring your right foot behind your left calf. This way, you’ll get back to the original starting position.
  • Repeat the movements for lateral movement on ice.
  • Push a wall or other object to gain momentum for back skating.
  • Glide on the ice as soon as you have the backward momentum.

Tips for How to Practice Backwards Ice Hockey Skating

Putting in the effort to learn how to ice skate backwards is worth it.

Not only will you have fun skating backwards, but you’ll also be able to improve your skating skills and agility.

  • To start, ensure you always keep your head up and shoulders squared. This will help you move faster and more efficiently.
  • Always keep your feet close to the ice when skating backward to help you move more quickly.
  • Try using a wall or other object as a guide while practicing so that you don’t skid into anything dangerous.
  • Always consider taking breaks when skating backwards. It’s easier on your body and will make learning much smoother.

How Do You Ice Skate Backwards? Final Thoughts

In summary, skating backwards is a great way to improve your skating skills and agility.

Practice regularly so that you can move more quickly and easily on the ice.

Additionally, use a wall or other object as a guide while practicing to prevent skidding.

Finally, always take breaks when skating backwards! These tips work for hockey players and people into figure skating, or recreational ice skating.

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