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How to Practice Rollerblading at Home (7 Effective Ways)

Wondering how to practice rollerblading at home? I got you! In this post, I’ll show you seven effective ways to practice rollerblading at home and get better at it. So, let’s get to it!

How to practice rollerblading at home can be such a hassle for some skaters. Like any other skill, rollerblading requires a decent amount of time input. So, if you’re looking forward to getting better, getting out of your comfort zone is inevitable.

If you’re wondering how to practice rollerblading at home, I’ve put together this comprehensive guide. More importantly, all recommendations are based on personal experience as an inline skater for several years. Below is the quick rundown!

  • Learn from Rollerblading App Tutorials
  • Call friends Over for Rollerblading Hang out
  • Hire a Rollerblading Instructor
  • Visit Your Local Area Skate Park
  • Record Yourself and Share on Rollerblading Communities for Crits
  • Watch Rollerblading YouTube Videos
  • Practice Dry Land Inline Skating Workouts

7 Ways to Practice Rollerblading at Home

This only the tip of the iceberg. In the rest of this write-up, we’ll go into the details of how to actualize each of these recommendations. In addition, you’ll also discover the tips for getting better at rollerblading, but it can only happen if you read on to the end.

So, without much ado, let’s get to it!

1. Learn from Rollerblading App Tutorials

Rollerblading apps makes learning how to rollerblade hassle-free. The best part is, they’re easily accessible from google play store or apple play store, and they contain tons of informative content. So you can opt to consume articles or watch different tutorial videos according to your preference.

In addition, there’s something for everyone. Regardless of whether you’re a newbie or an intermediate or experienced skater, there’s an app with tons of guides and tutorials for you. All it takes is downloading, installing the app then jumping into your rollerblades.

Some examples of these apps include:

2. Call friends Over for Rollerblading Hang out

Rollerblading is more enjoyable when you’ve got company. That being said, it’s a good idea to call your rollerblading buddies over to your place and hopefully jump on your wheels. You can skate together in unused parking spaces in the neighborhood.

Alternatively, you can use bike paths, pavements, trails, and the main roads. The choice is yours but remember to stay safe regardless of where you choose to go rollerblading. Skating together has tons of benefits as it helps you with motivation while learning from one another.

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3. Hire a Rollerblading Instructor

Hiring a rollerblading instructor is one sure way of learning inline skating at home. You can find several instructors online from a simple search or by visiting a local rollerblading skate park if you have one.

To find one online, use phrases like rollerblading instructors near me or the best rollerblading instructors in [your city]. Many times, hiring an instructor is much better than trying to figure out things on your own.

4. Visit Your Local Area Skate Park

Visiting your local area skate park is an excellent idea if you want to learn rollerblading at home. Skate parks are filled with all types of skaters, from newbies to intermediates and experienced ones. Therefore, you can quickly learn a few rollerblading techniques from these folks.

5. Record Yourself and Share on Rollerblading Communities for Crits

Recording yourself when rollerblading is excellent for assessing your progress. Therefore, you want to make sure you grab your phone every time you go rollerblading and record yourself while trying out new drills.

You have two alternatives for doing this. One, you can use a selfie stick or two, have another person record you from behind. Next, you want to make sure you belong to at least one or two rollerblading communities on Facebook or Reddit.

These communities have experts who are willing to critic your progress and offer valid advice. So, I’d recommend you go this route if you want to learn rollerblading at home and get better at it. In addition, it doesn’t cost you a dime to do this.

6. Watch Rollerblading YouTube Videos

There are tons of informative YouTube channels for rollerblading that you can learn from. All you need is the internet and a smartphone or computer, and you’re good to go. You can check out some of the best channels like Skate fresh Asher, Bill Stoppard, Victor Thorup, and many more.

Head over to YouTube and type on the search bar ‘Rollerblading channels’ or ‘inline skating channels’ and you’ll be taken to several channels. You can choose to subscribe to as many channels as you want and watch as many tutorials as you want.

Most importantly, binge-watching these videos isn’t enough. So remember to take action as it’s the only guaranteed way of getting better at rollerblading.

7. Practice Dry Land Inline Skating Workouts

Dryland skating is a reliable way to exercise while not putting on your inline skates. In addition, the exercises are essential for helping you master the recommended skating position (staying low) while training on muscles endurance.

If you desire skating for longer hours, whether for fun or professionally, you got to try out a couple of dry land inline skating workouts. Below is one of the best video recommendations you can look out for and implement in your workouts.

How Do I get better at Rollerblading?

People say direction is better than speed, and I agree with that school of thought. I like how the idea blends with rollerblading. In the same manner, it’s better to take time to get better at rollerblading rather than moving things really fast.

If you decide to go the latter route, you could miss the basics of rollerblading. The good news is, I’m not going to sit and watch you make the mistake. So, I’ve put together a guide for how you can get better at rollerblading. It’s important to note that it’ll take time, but it’ll be worth it in the end.

So, here’s what you need to do!

  • Practice Inline skating techniques: The most important techniques to master are stopping, slowing down, balancing, turning, and going in reverse. You can only get better when you’ve mastered these basics. Also, without forgetting, the recommended skating position is super important to master. So, you want to stay low all the time.
  • Have fun: Let’s face it!There’s no rollerblading when you’re not having fun. The sport helps the body to produce dopamine to psyche you up. So, it’s a good idea to use this neurochemical to help you learn new stuff quickly.
  • Use pre-recorded tutorials from YouTube: This medium is rich in tons of rollerblading content for all types of skaters, be it newbies, intermediates, or experienced skaters. Therefore, it’s an idea to subscribe to one or two channels on YouTube with excellent content that can fast-track your learning.
  • Join rollerblading-related sports like hockey: This will be a sure-fire way to learn the different inline skating techniques like stopping and maneuverability. So, if you can link up with hockey players around you, it’ll help you a long way.
  • Be confident: There’s no doubt rollerblading is an adrenaline sport, especially for aggressive inline skating. If you don’t exhibit the highest confidence level, your stay in the sport may be short-lived.
  • Always wear protective gear: This simple act helps keep you safe from unnecessary injuries that can stop you from practicing. So, go ahead and put on your helmet, elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads, and hip pads all the time.
  • Skate with others: Being alone doesn’t go well in rollerblading. So, it’s a good idea to find or create a team of rollerblading buddies.
  • Never give up: It’s not going to be easy when you’re starting, and during the first few months, it’ll feel like you want to quit. However, never think along that line! Instead, I’d suggest you keep on trying and working on your skills.

For more information about getting better at rollerblading, I’ve put together the above pointers in a super informative write-up. So, check out!

How to Practice Rollerblading at Home: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I practice Rollerblading?

You can practice rollerblading at home or by signing up for rollerblading classes. In addition, you can use free resources online from Rollerblading Youtube channels and blogs. Alternatively, you can team up with like-minded skaters to create a network of unstoppable inline skaters.

2. How long does it take to learn rollerblading?

On average, learning rollerblading takes anywhere between four and eight weeks. However, fast learners can grasp the sport in a little under two weeks, and it all depends on the zeal, commitment, and the amount of work put into practice.

How to Practice Rollerblading at Home: Wrapping Up

How to practice rollerblading at home should be pretty simple. However, this is only possible when you know what to do.

That’s why I believe after reading through this post; you now know what you should be doing to get better at rollerblading. Below is the summary of how to practice rollerblading at home.

  • Learn from Rollerblading App Tutorials
  • Call friends Over for Rollerblading a Hang out
  • Hire a Rollerblading Instructor
  • Visit Your Local Area Skate Park
  • Record Yourself and Share on Rollerblading Communities for Crits
  • Watch Rollerblading YouTube Videos
  • Practice Dry Land Inline Skating Workouts

I hope you found this post helpful. Keep practicing and stay safe!

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