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Inline skating brands can either make or break your rollerblading hobby. As a newbie, it is okay if you don't know the right inline skate brands to go with. The truth is, there are tons of them out there, and settling on one or two can be a little bit intimidating.

So, what is the best inline skate brand, you ask?

The top three best inline skate brands to consider are;

  • Rollerblades inline skates—Best Speed Inline Skates.
  • SEBA inline skates—Best Freestyle Inline Skates, and
  • Powerslide inline skates—Best Recreation/fitness Inline Skates.

Other cool inline skates brands to look out for include K2 inline skates, 5th Element inline skates, Bladerunner inline skates, USD inline skates, Roces inline skates, Bauer inline skates, and Roller Derby inline skates.

The selection criteria are based on personal research and experience as a passionate inline skater and consultation with other amazing inline skates experts of all levels—from newbie to pro skaters. You’re therefore assured of an unbiased opinion concerning the right brands for you.

In today’s post, you’ll discover all the information you need to pick the top inline skating brands. So, without much ado, let’s get to it!

1. Rollerblade Inline Skates—Best Speed Inline Skates

Rollerblade is the most popular inline skates brand in the world. As a rule of thumb, things become popular for two reasons—good or bad. In this case, I can pretty much assert that rollerblade inline skates is known worldwide for all the good reason.

One unique thing with this brand is, the company staff is only comprised of skaters. In my opinion, this is a good way to build credibility with inline skaters across the world. There’s no doubt about it: all inline skates from the Rollerblade brand are versatile and high quality.

For the record, the brand has been in operation since 1980 and is arguably the oldest inline skate brand globally. For this reason, it’s common to hear some skaters referring to the sport as rollerblading. If you’ve been making this mistake, now you know rollerblading is a brand of inline skates.

Rollerblade Inline Skate Product Categories

Rollerblade distributors are found worldwide in United States, Canada, Italy, Deutschland, France, United Kingdom, Norge, Australia, and Brasil, amongst other countries.

Rollerblades is known for the best speed skating shoes. The two main inline skates to try if you’re a speed skater are Powerblade Pro 125 and Powerblade Elite 125. Also, if you are into long-distance skating, the E20 Pro 125 and E2 110 inline skating boots would be awesome for trying out.

Besides, the brand identifies with the following types of inline skates;

  • Fitness inline skates: Their fitness inline skates are classified into three broad categories: performance inline skates, recreation inline skates, and X-training inline skates. Some typical examples are; Macroblade 110 3WD, Macroblade 110 3WD W, Macroblade 100 3WD, Macroblade 100 3WD, Maxxum Edge 90, RB XL, Formula 100, and Formula 100W.
  • Urban inline skates: These are further classified into FreeSkates and Street or Park inline skates. Some examples are the; NJR, FURY, RB 110 3WD, and Twister Edge 110 WD.

They also create inline skates for Kids and ice skating. Therefore, you’re sorted if, in any case, these two interest you. If you add these to the above inline skates, there’s a lot inline skates option for your consideration.

Other inline skates accessories by rollerblade include;

  • Inline skates protective gear,
  • Brakes, tools, and lubricants,
  • Backpacks,
  • Socks,
  • Wheels,
  • Bearings,
  • Frames,
  • Race Jackets and Kids T-shirt,
  • Training cones,
  • Wheel Axles,
  • Liners and Footbeds,
  • Buckles and laces,
  • Spacers,
  • Sliders,
  • Race gloves.

Why buy from this brand

  • Wide varied inline skates product categories.
  • High quality and durable products.
  • Managed by inline skaters.
  • Suitable for all inline skate levels – newbies, intermediates, and Experts

Why you shouldn’t buy from this brand

  • Some of the products are costly and may not appeal to people on a budget.

2. SEBA Inline Skates—Best Freestyle Inline Skates

SEBA inline skates brand was established in 2005 and is the leading brand for freestyle and Freeride inline skating. This brand is run by one philosophy: to create high-quality skates made by skaters for skaters.

Besides, SEBA is actively engaged in supporting inline skating activities and skaters. It’s currently the sponsor of the World Slalom Series and World Skate Cross Series.

SEBA Inline Skate Product Categories

SEBA inline skates are broadly categorized into;

  • Freeride inline skates: (e.g. SEBA – E3 80 Premium and SEBA – E3 80 Black)
  • Freestyle skates: (e.g., SEBA – High Light Carbon Pro and SEBA – High Light 80)
  • Street inline skates: (e.g., SEBA – CJ Carbon Boot only and SEBA – CJ2 Black Boot only)
  • Grand Tourism skates: (e.g., SEBA – Trix280)
  • Marathon Inline skates: (e.g. SEBA – Marathon 110)
  • Junior Inline skates: These are kids inline skates(e.g., SEBA – E3 J)
  • CIM inline skates: (e.g., Custom individual model)

As you can see, there are a plethora of inline skate options for your consideration. Therefore, you can always pick on according to your interest and personal preferences.

Besides inline skate shoes, SEBA produces other amazing inline skate accessories. Below is the list of the accessories for your consideration.

  • Backpacks,
  • Frames,
  • Liners and socks,
  • Laces,
  • Wheels and bearings,
  • Slalom Cones, and
  • Protective gear.

Why buy from this brand

  • High quality and high-end freestyle inline skating shoes.
  • Built for skaters by skaters.

Why you shouldn’t buy from this brand

  • Most suited for experienced inline skaters.
  • Some products may be costly for those on a budget.

3. Powerslide Inline Skates—Best Recreation Inline Skates

According to the information on this brand’s website, Powerslide was established in 1994 with one goal in mind—to create high-quality products for all types of skates. For this reason, the Powerslide brand deals in Tri-skates, fitness skates, speed skates, aggressive inline skates, Power skates, Urban skates, Off-Road skates, Inline hockey skates, roller skates, scooters, and skateboards.

Besides, they deal in both adult and kids’ inline skates. The kids’ inline skates are uniquely built, size adjustable, and designed for all kids regardless of age. To find a distributor, you can use this Powerslide Store Locator.

Powerslide Inline Skate Product Categories

Apart from inline skates of all types, the Powerslide brand also deals in other inline skates accessories. I have listed them below for your consideration.

  • Protective gear like elbow pads, helmets, and knee pads.
  • Frames.
  • Wheels.
  • Bearings.
  • Backpack.
  • Sunglasses (casual solar flare, casual cobalt, etc.)

Why buy from this brand

  • A wide range of inline skates, including off-road skates.
  • High quality and long-lasting products.

Why you shouldn’t buy from this brand

  • Some products may be a little bit overpriced.

There you have it! My top selection and best inline skating brands. With these three top brands, you can find some of the best inline skate shoes and accessories for a memorable inline skating experience.

For the sake of trying out other brands, there are a ton more to consider. The best thing that can happen to you is making an informed selection decision. Besides the top three, below are some awesome brands to try out.

Like the top three, they’ve got top-quality products and a wide variety of inline skates to choose from. In addition, you can find skating shoes for beginners, intermediates, experts, women, men, Kids at super affordable rates to top it up.

The only difference between these and the top three is in popularity. Otherwise, all aspects come in close. So, without much ado, below is the list.

·        Bladerunner Inline Skates
·        K2 Inline Skates 
·        5TH Element Inline Skates
·        USD Inline Skates
·        Roces Inline Skates
·        Bauer Inline Skates
·        Roller Derby Inline Skates

Inline Skating Brands: What to consider when choosing one

With so many brands to choose from, what is the best rollerblade brand? By rollerblade, I mean inline skates in general. That being said, there are considerations to make before going with any of the brands. Without the right information, making an informed decision can be a hurdle. Below are the things to consider when making a comparison on what inline skate brand to go with. So let’s get to it!

1. Variety of Inline Skate Types

There’s not one type of inline skate but several. Based on this, you can opt to try one or all of them. The best inline skating brands should have skates for all types of inline skates. At worst, the brand should have the best inline skates for your preferred type of inline skating.

This could be inline hockey skating, aggressive inline skating, inline recreation skating, inline fitness skating, or inline speed skating. So, going by these, the top three inline skating brands—Rollerblade, Powerslide, and SEBA—passes for this.

These brands have some of the coolest inline skate shoes for all types of inline skates. You can be assured of high-quality skates and a memorable skating experience if you decide to go with either of them.

And the best part, these brands are managed by skaters, meaning they’ve been in the field, have firsthand experience, and will always create inline skate boots that suit your needs.

2. Availability of Inline Skates Accessories

Besides the cool inline skate shoes, you need some accessories to compliment your inline skate gear. Therefore, you’ll need things like protection gear, spare parts, bags, and skating wear. Think about it! It would help if you had convenience when shopping for anything.

I doubt if you’d prefer shopping for items from different stores when you can pick them from one store. Therefore, you’ll also want to ensure you can find all the inline skate accessories you’re looking for from your preferred store.

Out of the three brands, Rollerblades takes the lead since it has a plethora of inline skates accessories. You can find anything you’re looking for when you buy from them. Coming second is Powerslide and SEBA closing it.

Nonetheless, their quality is standard across all brands. So you’re assured of comfort, longevity, and value for your money.

3. Specialization in a Specific Type of Inline Skates

Everyone has a preference, especially the intermediate and expert inline skaters. For beginners, this may never work since you’re just getting started and trying out a couple of things. Nonetheless, if you’ve decided what you want, you can always specialize early enough.

With that being said, if you choose to go with speed skating, Rollerblades has some of the best speed skating boots. You can give them a shot. For freestyle skating, SEBA has you back since this is what they’re known for. You’re assured of high-quality freestyle skates if you opt for them.

And lastly, Powerslide has some of the best fitness and recreation inline skates. They also have off-road inline skates, unlike the other brands. Therefore, you get a wide range of fitness and recreation inline skates to choose from if you decide to buy from Powerslide.

In general, all these brands have almost all the types of inline skate shoes. So you can always try a couple of them before making your final decision.

4. Inline skates and Accessories Quality

Quality isn’t something to compromise on when choosing inline skates. Get it wrong, and everything will go south. That’s why you need to be sure your preferred inline skating brand only makes high-quality skates and accessories.

How can one tell, you ask? It’s really simple! Rollerblades has been in this for over 20 years. On top of that, their products are made for skaters by skaters. So if you’re looking for quality, you need a product that’s made by a fellow inline skater who knows your desires.

Powerslide and SEBA have the same similarity with Rollerblades—they were all started by inline skaters who understand what inline skating is like. Therefore, their quality is always a notch higher, and you can be sure to find amazing, reliable products from them.

For the sake of grading, Powerslide is more experienced compared to SEBA. If you’re to choose between the two, I’d suggest the Powerslide brand based on the many years of experience on the market. In summary, Rollerblades comes first, followed by Powerslide, then SEBA.

5. Accessibility

Accessibility has everything to do with the ease of getting what you’re looking for regardless of what part of the world you are in. if you place an order for an accessory or a skating boot, how soon can it be delivered to you and at what cost? These are the questions to ask before going with any brand.

You need a brand with an easy to access customer services in case you need help with something. The brand should also have a rock-solid social media presence in the form of a community where like-minded skaters hang out.

This is not compulsory, but it feels good to be part of a community that shares your passions and hobby. Moreover, if the brand has a physical store near you, it makes everything juicier. So, you can order online and wait for the delivery at a place of your choice. Depending on where you live, you can find all these features in the top three brands.

Final Verdict: What are the Best Inline Skating Brands?

So, after the comprehensive Rollerblade brands review, what is the best inline skate brand? The best inline skate brands to consider are Rollerblades inline skates, SEBA inline skates, and Powerslide inline skates.

Other cool inline skates brands to look out for include K2 inline skates, 5th Element inline skates, Bladerunner inline skates, USD inline skates, Roces inline skates, Bauer inline skates, and Roller Derby inline skates. With this review, you can now make an informed decision.

Cheers mate, and Happy skating!

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