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Rollerblading Tricks for Beginners and Intermediate Skaters (11 Easy Tricks)

Rollerblading tricks for beginners and intermediates may seem like a far-fetched idea. Nonetheless, regardless of the level, you are at, there are always some cool and easy tricks you can learn and do. So, if you've been searching all over for the tricks, I've got you. Read on to find out!

Rollerblading tricks for beginners are a fantastic way of proving that you’re making progress.

After learning the basics of inline skating, such as mastering the correct posture, pushing, gliding, regrouping, and stopping on rollerblades, it’s okay to want to learn more tricks.

Here’s the quick rundown of some of the rollerblading tricks to get started on.

  • Heel-Toe technique
  • Fish Tail
  • Flat Spins
  • Skating on one Foot
  • Backward Skating
  • Slalom Skating
  • Crossover Turns
  • U-turns
  • Jumping Obstacles
  • Learning Different Exercises
  • Gear Up Properly

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. In the rest of this post, we’ll delve into the details like what they are and how to perform them.

So, you don’t want to miss out. Without much ado, let’s get to it!

1. Heal Toe technique

The heel-toe technique is one of the most common rollerblading tricks for beginners. However, before tying it, you should first master proper body balance and control on the skates.

If you’re still struggling to balance when all wheels are on the ground, then standing on one wheel will surely be a hassle.

That being said, to pull this off, start by being in the scissor and knee bent position. Then lift your heels off the ground on the back foot while the toes rest on your skate’s front wheel.

For the leading leg, lift your toes off the ground to stand on your toe wheels.

2. Fish Tail

The fishtail rollerblading trick for beginners is fun and easy to learn. However, it would be best to skate at moderate to high speed to get the best results.

To do this trick, scissor your legs, then wiggle your back foot behind the leading foot like the tail of a fish.

3. Flat Spins

Flat spins mean making rotations while skating. The common types of spins you can try are 180, 360, and 1080 degrees.

However, beginners and intermediates should start by learning the 180-degree spin before switching to more complex spins like the 360 and 1080 degrees.

To do one of these spins, bend low, rotate your upper body to your desired direction (left or right), followed by the lower part in the same direction.

Depending on the speed, you’ll either do 180, 360, or 1080 flat spin.

4. Skating on one Foot

Rollerblading tricks for beginners

Skating on one foot is one fantastic rollerblading trick for beginners. However, it would help if you first learned proper balance and stability while skating on both feet.

To do this trick, lift one foot off the ground while the other is stuck on it.

Also, it would help if you skated at a moderate pace to pull this trick for a considerably long distance.

When starting, try this exercise of lifting one foot for a few minutes while standing on the grass.

Then, switch it to the other foot 5-10 times until you can balance on one-foot stress-free.

5. Backward Skating

Backward skating is fun and the desire for many new and intermediate inline skaters. Before trying out this rollerblading trick, ensure you already have the hang of forward skating.

This is because you’ll be using the skills from forward skating to learn backward skating.

The only difference comes about when you have to kind of ‘invert’ the forward skating techniques.

For example, when skating forward, your feet should be scissors and V-shaped. However, you should still scissor your feet when skating backward, but the V should be inverted.

All other drills are the same: stay low with knees bent above the toes and shoulders over hips.

This will help transfer your body weight forward to the toe balls, preventing a possible fall on your back.

When all is set, and you’re in the ready position, make small steps backward until you have control over your body and feet.

Also, it’s important to start on grass as you learn the basics of backward skating. After gaining control and confidence on grass, move to another surface like asphalt.

Making small steps is the first trick to learn for backward skating. After getting the hang of this, you’ll want to start the push, glide, and regroup movements.

While doing this, remember to apply moderate pressure on the leading foot for smooth backward skating.

6. Slalom Skating

If you’re looking for aggressive inline skating tricks for beginners, you’ll want to start by doing some slalom skating drills.

This rollerblading trick involves doing rapid side-to-side movements in a figurative style.

To get started, you can use some cons or chalk drawings to learn how to switch from one side to another.

The wiggling movements also help tone down body muscles and are a sure-fire way of burning excess calories and losing extra weight.

Also, you can do the slalom trick in many ways like forward skating, backward skating, and on heals and toes.

However, it’s better to start with the simple tricks before switching to more sophisticated drills.

7. Crossover Turns

Crossover turns come in handy when you want to negotiate a corner, and you can use them after learning the parallel turns. This rollerblading trick is a seamless way to take turns with precision.

First, start by going around a circle. You can use cons or use chalk to draw a circle. This stage is critical, assuming you’re yet to learn parallel turns.

As you get the hang of it, begin to bring the back foot a few inches (like 2-3) ahead of the leading foot.

This is the first step. So, try it out until you can comfortably do it.

Next, take things a notch by bringing the back foot over the leading foot and get it to cross over the leading foot.

You’ll immediately make a crossover turn and change your direction of skating.

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8. U-turns

The U-turn technique is an incredible way to turn, change direction and face the opposite way without using much energy.

While skating forward, be in the ready position and scissor feet.

Next, turn to rotate your upper body to your desired direction, then using the back foot, lift the toes off the ground while the toes rest on it.

At this point, you’ve already covered half the move. To complete the turn, repeat the same leg movement for the leading foot as you make a complete U-turn.

9. Jumping Obstacles

Jumping obstacles gets interesting when doing it as an inline skating trick.

Besides that, the technique is helpful when there’s an emergency, like avoiding a pothole on the roads or at a skating pack.

To get started on this rollerblading trick, you need some cons, or on a small object, you can jump over.

Therefore, start small by jumping over small objects and then upgrade to bigger ones as you get better at jumping.

While in the ready position, lift your upper body part, followed by the lower body part.

Doing this should help you get your feet off the ground for a while until you’ve gone over the obstacle.

Also, it’s a good idea to have your hands pointing forward for more stability.

10. Learning Different Exercises

Learning different exercises helps you to get the hang of the tricks fast. The two main exercises that have proven helpful are known as the Zombie and the Fighter exercises.

These exercises help prepare your body and mind for the different rollerblading techniques and tricks.

For example, to do the Zombie exercise, scissor your legs, and then turn your hind leg like you’re doing a t-stop.

Next, you’ll make forward steps while dragging your hind leg in the t-position.

The fighter exercise works in an almost similar manner. First, scissor your legs, then have the hind leg in a t-position.

Next, bend like you’re about to skate, then slide forward and backward on the leading foot while the hind leg is stuck on the ground.

These two exercises are rollerblading tricks themselves. The best part is how they can help you get the hang of other rollerblading tricks.

Therefore, I recommend you start here before trying other inline skating tricks.

11. Gear Up Properly

Gearing up properly should have come up first because it’s super important to keep yourself safe.

When you gear up correctly, you reduce the chances of picking injuries or getting hurt when you go out to skate.

This is because some of these tricks may be a bit challenging, meaning you’ll fall for a while before getting the hang of them.

The good news is, there are some safe ways to fall when rollerblading, so you don’t have to stress over it.

That being said, always ensure you have a helmet on to protect your head from head injuries. Also, you want to have knee pads, elbow pads, and wrist guards.

If you’re an aggressive skater and learning aggressive inline skating tricks for beginners, you’ll also want to have a hip pad. This protective gear helps to protect your tail bone in case you fall on your butt.

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How to Get Better at Rollerblading and Rollerblading Tricks

Getting better at rollerblading and rollerblading tricks should be pretty straightforward. The rule of thumb is to practice more often, taking everything one step at a time. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, and learning these rollerblading tricks for beginners will take some time.

Here’s the quick rundown of what to do to get better at rollerblading:

  • Practice balance exercises,
  • Have fun practicing when practicing,
  • Master the correct skating body position,
  • Check instructional video Tutorials on YouTube,
  • Get into rollerblading related sports like Hockey,
  • Practice rollerblading techniques more often,
  • Have self-confidence,
  • Stay safe by wearing protective gear,
  • Find skating groups near you and join, and
  • Keep falling and never give up, and
  • Enroll in online rollerblading classes.

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Rollerblading for Beginners | Wrapping Up

Rollerblading tricks for beginners are fun to learn and to do as well. If you were looking for information on working the different inline skating tricks for beginners, I believe you found this post helpful.

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