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Snowboard Brands

When choosing a snowboard brand, consider each one’s unique features and designs for different riding styles.

Burton offers iconic designs, while Jones focuses on sustainability.

Understanding each brand’s strengths can enhance your snowboarding experience, whether you’re a freestyle enthusiast or a backcountry explorer.

Explore the world of snowboard brands to find your perfect fit.


Burton, established in 1977, pioneered snowboarding innovation and quality. They offer a wide range of boards and gear to meet every rider’s needs.

Founded in 1977, industry pioneer

Since 1977, Burton has led the snowboard market with iconic snowboards, innovative gear, and a commitment to progression. The brand’s relentless pursuit of quality and innovation has shaped the industry and resulted in cutting-edge designs and exceptional performance.

Burton’s range of iconic boards caters to riders of all skill levels, and their innovative gear and apparel meet the evolving needs of snowboarders. The brand’s unwavering commitment to progression keeps it at the forefront of innovation in the snowboard market.

Known for quality and innovation

Burton has been setting the standard in the snowboard industry since 1977. They consistently deliver high-quality snowboards designed to enhance your riding experience. By using cutting-edge materials and technologies, Burton ensures that every board they produce is at the forefront of snowboard design.

Their innovation has shaped the industry, from pioneering the snowboard boot to developing advanced board shapes and construction techniques. You can trust in the durability and performance of their products, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out.

Large range of boards and gear

Consider exploring Burton’s diverse snowboard shapes and innovative technology to enhance your snowboarding experience.

Burton offers directional, twin, and directional-twin board shapes tailored to specific riding styles and terrain preferences.

They integrate cutting-edge technology like the Channel mounting system and Squeezebox core profiling, enhancing performance and responsiveness.

Additionally, Burton provides customization options, allowing personalization with unique graphics and designs.

Find the perfect match for your snowboarding needs in Burton’s extensive range of boards.

Lib Tech

Lib Tech utilizes innovative Mervin Manufacturing and magne-traction technology for superior edge hold.

Their range of boards meets the needs of high performance freestyle snowboarders.

Additionally, their commitment to sustainable manufacturing makes them a top choice for eco-conscious riders.

Mervin Manufacturing, magne-traction tech

Mervin Manufacturing’s Lib Tech snowboards feature innovative magne-traction technology. This technology includes serrated edges that improve edge hold and stability, especially on hard-packed snow and icy conditions.

What sets Mervin Manufacturing and their magne-traction tech apart in the world of snowboard brands is their enhanced edge control, versatility, and stability and confidence for riders. The magne-traction design offers multiple contact points along the edge, resulting in improved grip and maneuverability.

This allows for a more versatile riding experience across various snow conditions, making it suitable for a wide range of riders. Riders can feel more stable and confident in their turns, even in challenging or variable snow conditions, thanks to the enhanced edge hold provided by magne-traction tech.

High performance freestyle boards

If you’re into high-performance freestyle boards, you should definitely check out Lib Tech. They’re known for their innovative designs and cutting-edge technology.

Lib Tech’s boards are engineered to deliver top-tier performance, emphasizing excellent pop, stability, and responsiveness. Their focus on durability and performance makes them a top choice for riders seeking high-level performance from their snowboard.

Sustainable manufacturing

Lib Tech prioritizes sustainable manufacturing for their high-performance freestyle boards. They achieve this by using eco-friendly materials like bio-plastics and recycled sidewalls. Additionally, they minimize waste and reduce carbon emissions through practices such as water-based ink printing and alternative energy usage.


GNU, a snowboard brand founded by Mike Olson in 1984, stands out for its creative graphics and board shapes. Offering budget-friendly options, GNU is a brand to watch in the snowboarding world.

Founded by Mike Olson in 1984

In 1984, Mike Olson established GNU, a leading brand in the snowboard industry, renowned for innovative designs and high-performance snowboards.

Key points about the brand include pioneering technology, commitment to sustainability, and a rider-centric approach.

These factors have contributed to GNU’s enduring success.

Creative graphics and board shapes

GNU snowboards are known for their visually stunning graphics and innovative board shapes, which set them apart in the industry. Collaborating with artists, GNU creates eye-catching graphics that catch the attention of riders.

In addition to their unique graphics, GNU snowboards also feature asymmetrical and banana-shaped board designs. These revolutionary shapes have completely changed the snowboarding experience by providing enhanced control and maneuverability on the slopes.

Not only do these creative designs offer aesthetic appeal, but they also provide functional benefits to riders. With their visually stunning graphics and innovative board shapes, GNU snowboards are a standout choice for snowboarders looking for a board that is both visually striking and high-performing.

Budget-friendly boards

When considering budget-friendly snowboards, GNU’s advanced technology ensures excellent slope performance.

With a variety of options catering to different riding styles, GNU snowboards offer durable construction for longevity and reliability.

Hit the slopes confidently with GNU’s quality, affordable snowboards.


Let’s discuss Ride.

Established in 1992 in Seattle, they prioritize all-mountain riding and are renowned for their sturdy board construction.

Their dedication to crafting durable boards capable of handling any terrain is evident.

Founded in 1992 in Seattle

Founded in Seattle in 1992, Ride has established itself as a leading snowboard brand through innovation, commitment to quality, and a rider-first approach.

By continuously enhancing snowboard technology, Ride has improved the riding experience for enthusiasts. The brand’s dedication to producing high-quality snowboards, bindings, and apparel has earned the trust and loyalty of riders worldwide.

By prioritizing understanding the needs of riders, Ride designs products to meet the diverse demands of snowboarders, from beginners to seasoned veterans.

These factors have contributed to Ride’s success and solidified its position as a prominent player in the snowboard industry.

Focus on all-mountain riding

Ride’s snowboards excel in all-mountain riding, catering to diverse rider needs with innovative technology and high-quality gear. The boards perform exceptionally well across various terrains, from groomed runs to backcountry adventures, ensuring every rider finds the perfect fit.

Ride’s dedication to crafting top-notch snowboards makes them a reliable choice for all-mountain riding.

Durable board construction

When choosing a snowboard for all-mountain riding, Ride prioritizes high-quality, durable board construction. This is achieved through the use of high-grade materials like carbon, Kevlar, and urethane sidewalls, enhancing durability and strength.

Advanced construction techniques, such as laminating the board with multiple layers of fiberglass and epoxy, increase resilience and longevity. Additionally, features like rubber dampening systems and reinforced edges improve impact resistance, making the snowboard durable against bumps, rocks, and other obstacles.

Ride’s dedication to durable board construction ensures riders have reliable and long-lasting equipment for all-mountain riding.


Jones, founded by pro rider Jeremy Jones, specializes in backcountry boards designed for epic off-piste adventures.

They continually push boundaries with innovative technology like split tails.

Started by pro rider Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones, a renowned pro snowboarder, founded Jones Snowboards to create high-performance, environmentally friendly snowboarding equipment, emphasizing backcountry and freestyle riding.

He also initiated Protect Our Winters (POW), advocating for climate action within the snow sports community.

Additionally, Jones established Jones Adventure Gear, specializing in premium backcountry gear tailored for extreme mountain environments.

These brands reflect Jones’ commitment to promoting sustainable practices and enhancing the snowboarding experience.

Specializes in backcountry boards

Jeremy Jones, a renowned big mountain rider, founded Jones Snowboards, specializing in crafting top-tier backcountry boards. These boards are engineered for exceptional float and stability in deep powder, as well as enhanced maneuverability in rugged landscapes.

Jones Snowboards’ commitment to sustainability and performance makes it a standout choice for backcountry adventures.

Innovative tech like split tails

Jones Snowboards’ split tail design revolutionizes backcountry riding, enhancing control and stability. This innovative technology enables the board to separate into skis for ascending slopes, offering improved maneuverability and floatation in deep snow.

Riders can navigate challenging terrains with ease, making Jones Snowboards a top choice for high-performance gear in the backcountry.


Capita, established in 2002, crafts sustainable construction and playful park and jib boards tailored to your riding style.

Embracing a rider-owned approach, Capita deeply understands riders’ needs and desires.

Their focus on sustainability and performance makes Capita a brand worth exploring further.

Founded in 2002, rider-owned

Established in 2002, Capita’s status as a rider-owned company solidifies its reputation in the snowboard industry. Being rider-owned means the brand deeply understands the needs of snowboarders, contributing to its success and popularity.

Capita’s commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly manufacturing processes resonates with environmentally conscious consumers, enhancing its reputation.

The brand is committed to creating high-quality products that meet the demands of snowboarders, ensuring they have the best possible experience on the slopes.

Unique sustainable construction

Capita leads in sustainable construction by using eco-friendly materials and ethical manufacturing processes to create high-performance, environmentally friendly snowboards.

The brand’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its use of sustainably sourced wood cores, recycled steel edges, and plant-based resins, reducing environmental impact.

Additionally, Capita collaborates with like-minded partners to ensure ethical manufacturing.

This approach resonates with conscientious consumers and sets a commendable standard in the snowboarding industry.

Playful park and jib boards

Looking for snowboards that excel in freestyle fun and performance? Capita offers playful park and jib boards crafted for this purpose. Here’s why they stand out:

  1. Freestyle Focus: Capita’s boards excel in freestyle terrain with softer flex patterns and twin shapes for enhanced maneuverability and trick performance.
  2. Durable Construction: Capita ensures their boards can withstand freestyle riding demands through quality materials and construction techniques.
  3. Innovative Design: Continuously innovating, Capita incorporates technologies that enhance playfulness, pop, and overall performance in park and jib settings.


When choosing a snowboard brand, Rome stands out for its creative shapes and graphics.

Founded in 2001 in Waterville, ME, Rome is known for offering versatile boards suitable for all terrains.

If you’re seeking a brand with unique designs and adaptable boards, Rome is worth considering.

Founded in 2001 in Waterville, ME

Founded in 2001 in Waterville, ME, Rome Snowboards has gained prominence in the snowboarding industry due to its innovative designs, quality craftsmanship, and commitment to the community.

The brand constantly pushes boundaries to create boards that meet riders’ evolving needs, using top-notch materials and expert craftsmanship to ensure optimal performance and durability.

Additionally, Rome Snowboards actively engages with the snowboarding community, sponsoring events and supporting riders, which has helped build a strong and passionate fan base.

Creative shapes and graphics

When customizing your snowboarding experience with Rome Snowboards, you can choose from a variety of unique shapes and captivating graphics. Rome offers directional shapes for precise carving and twin shapes for versatile freestyle performance, catering to different riding preferences.

The visually stunning graphics are inspired by art, culture, and nature, ranging from bold and vibrant designs to subtle and minimalist aesthetics. Rome Snowboards combines cutting-edge technology and artistic creativity to ensure exceptional performance and stand-out visual appeal on the slopes.

All-terrain board options

Rome’s all-terrain boards offer versatility, responsive flex, and advanced construction for optimal mountain performance. These boards smoothly transition between snow conditions and provide stability and maneuverability.

The advanced construction techniques enhance durability for consistent performance in challenging environments.


Arbor, a brand known for eco-friendly snowboard construction, was founded in 1995 in Venice, CA. They prioritize high-performance boards with minimal environmental impact, making them a top choice for riders valuing sustainability.

Founded in 1995 in Venice, CA

Arbor, a snowboard brand, originated in Venice, CA in 1995. It prioritizes sustainability and craftsmanship, using eco-friendly processes and collaborating with artists for unique designs.

Additionally, the brand actively engages with the snowboarding community to promote inclusivity and support events and competitions.

The brand’s Venice, CA roots continue to influence its ethos and product offerings, establishing it as a distinctive and respected name in the snowboarding industry.

Eco-friendly construction

When you choose Arbor snowboards, you support a brand that prioritizes sustainability. Arbor’s eco-friendly construction includes responsibly sourced materials like sustainably harvested wood cores and bamboo sidewalls. They also use recycled steel edges and bio-resins made from castor beans, reducing the need for petroleum-based materials.

This commitment ensures durable, high-quality equipment for your snowboarding experience while minimizing environmental impact. Embrace your passion for snowboarding with confidence, knowing you’re contributing to a more sustainable future.

Premium quality boards

Arbor’s premium quality boards demonstrate their dedication to excellence, offering unparalleled performance and durability for snowboarding adventures.

Consider Arbor for your next board because of their:

  • Sustainable craftsmanship
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Diverse range suitable for all riding styles

The brand’s commitment to elevating the snowboarding experience is evident in their expertly crafted boards.

Other Snowboard Brands

Consider exploring alternative snowboard brands with unique designs and innovative technology.

Smaller brands prioritize sustainability, cutting-edge materials, and craftsmanship, offering fresh perspectives and distinctive styles.

These brands may not have the same recognition as major ones but can provide exceptional performance and aesthetics aligned with your preferences and values.

Buying Guides

Looking for a new snowboard and feeling overwhelmed?

Let’s walk through the essential factors to consider, like comparing brands and finding the best deals.

How to choose between top brands

Choosing between top snowboard brands involves considering your riding style and brand reputation. Determine your preferred snowboarding style, such as freestyle, freeride, or all-mountain.

Research the reputation of different brands within the snowboarding community, focusing on factors like durability and customer reviews.

Additionally, test snowboards from different brands to assess their performance and compatibility with your riding style and skill level.

These considerations will help you make an informed decision when selecting a top snowboard brand.

Where to get discounts and deals

Once you’ve found the snowboard brand that matches your riding style, you can discover discounts and deals by browsing online buying guides and subscribing to newsletters for exclusive offers.

Online retailers provide buying guides with valuable information about different snowboard brands and models, including special discount codes or links to exclusive deals.

Subscribing to newsletters from snowboard retailers and manufacturers keeps you updated on exclusive offers and promotions, helping you score a great deal on your preferred snowboard brand.


Are you curious about the differences between Burton and Lib Tech boards?

Wondering which snowboard brands rank in the top 10, or which brand offers the best snowboard technology?

This section will answer FAQs about snowboard brands and help you choose your next snowboard wisely.

Burton vs Lib Tech boards

When choosing between Burton and Lib Tech snowboards, their technology and design differences play a key role.

Burton’s Channel binding system enhances adjustability and responsiveness, while Lib Tech utilizes basalt and eco-friendly techniques for lightweight, durable boards.

Burton’s versatile designs suit various terrains, while Lib Tech’s asymmetric shapes and Magne-Traction edges offer enhanced grip on icy conditions.

Consider your riding style and terrain preferences to align with the right board for your needs.

Arbor vs Rome board tech

Consider how Arbor and Rome snowboard technologies cater to specific riding preferences and performance needs.

Arbor boards feature sustainable construction with bamboo and recycled steel edges, enhancing float in powder and turn initiation.

Rome snowboards offer Fusion Camber, combining traditional camber and rocker for versatility across terrains, along with QuickRip sidecut technology for adjusting turning styles.

Understanding these technologies will help you choose a snowboard that aligns with your riding style and preferences.

What are the top 10 snowboard brands

When choosing a snowboard, keep in mind the top 10 brands’ innovation, performance, and durability.

These brands are known for their cutting-edge technology and strong presence in the snowboarding community, ensuring high-quality products.

What is Burton snowboards known for?

Burton snowboards pioneers snowboarding technology, offering innovative, high-performance gear for riders of all levels and styles. The brand continuously develops and refines cutting-edge equipment, including versatile snowboards, high-quality bindings, and durable snowboard boots.

Known for its commitment to sustainability, Burton is a leader in the snowboarding industry.

Which brand has the best snowboard technology

When looking at snowboard brands, you might wonder which one offers the best technology.

Burton, Never Summer, and Lib Tech are known for their innovative features.

Burton introduces new technologies like the Channel binding system and Flying V profile, while Never Summer uses Carbonium construction and patented Rocker & Camber Technology.

Lib Tech utilizes eco-friendly materials, Magne-Traction, and C2X technology for exceptional edge hold.

These brands continually push the boundaries of snowboard technology, enhancing performance and design.

How to get sponsored by a snowboard company

If you’re aiming to get sponsored by a snowboard company, focus on honing your freestyle and freeride snowboarding skills. Many companies seek talented riders who can represent their brand well.

Showcase your abilities at local events and connect with industry insiders to gain exposure. Additionally, ensure your gear is top-notch and well-maintained.

How to tell what brand your snowboard is

When identifying your snowboard’s brand, check the base or top sheet for the manufacturer’s logo and name. Look for any identifying marks or logos to determine the brand.

You can find the brand name on the bottom or top of your snowboard. If it’s not visible, try searching online using specific details like the model, graphics, or bindings to identify the brand.

Especially with distinctive features like Jones snowboards or unique bindings.

How to buy directly from a snowboard factory

If you’re interested in buying directly from a snowboard factory, start by researching the factory’s location and contacting them for information on their purchasing process. Many snowboard brands have their own factories and offer the option to buy directly from them.

Find out where the factory is located and inquire about their sales process. Some factories may have specific requirements or limitations for direct purchases, so it’s important to understand their procedures.

Inquire about minimum order quantities, available models, customization options, and pricing. Additionally, ask about shipping options and costs, as well as warranties or guarantees that come with buying directly from the factory.

Gathering this information will help you make an informed decision when purchasing directly from a snowboard factory.


After learning about top snowboard brands, it’s time to hit the slopes with new gear. Choosing the right snowboard is crucial, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran. So, grab your board, head to the mountains, and get ready for an unforgettable ride.

The only question left is, which brand will you choose? The choice is yours, and the snow is waiting. Get out there and shred!

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