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Snowboarding Neck Pain

Snowboarding is a thrilling sport loved by everyone. But, it is associated with some dangers, like neck pain. Do you want to know more about snowboarding neck pain and what causes it? This article got enough information.

Snowboarding is a popular wintertime activity in the United States.

This exciting sport has many health benefits like; enhancing muscle flexibility and breaking down calories.

Again, it’s the best exercise for mental health as it reduces stress and anxiety.

Unfortunately, snowboarding has its dangers. But this doesn’t mean every snowboarder must get injuries; only some experience snowboarding neck pain.

This makes it hard for any snowboarder to hit the slopes again. It would help if you consider the right treatment option.   

Do you want to know why neck pain is becoming an issue among snowboarders? Scroll down to know.

Also, we have discussed ideas on how to prevent neck pain during snowboarding.

Why Does My Neck Hurt After Snowboarding?

You may experience snowboarding neck pain as a result of whiplash. This is when your neck is forcedly turned backward after a fall.

Also, cold temperatures can cause stiffness of neck muscles, causing neck pain.

Again, you can experience neck pain if you haven’t prepared well before hitting the slopes.

Below, I elaborate on what causes snowboarding neck pain.

1. Whiplash

Whiplash is a neck injury that can cause a lot of pain. This happens when the head suddenly and forcefully moves backward and forward when crashing at high speed or during a fall.

This forces your neck back in a whip motion, stretching the neck muscles and ligaments. Indeed, this is what causes neck pain when snowboarding.

How can you prevent whiplash? Before going snowboarding, ensure you have mastered movement skills.

This is to prevent you from falling. Also, it would help if you knew how to control and balance your whole body when taking turns.

Still, you can ride at your pace if you are not a professional. Remember to turn your whole and not your head when snowboarding.

How can you treat whiplash? You can consider taking a break from snowboarding, have over-the-counter medication, or opt for therapy from a professional.

2. Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures affect our nervous system. How? This cold weather tightens muscles around the neck, restricting blood flow along the vessels.

Besides, this highly affects flexibility among snowboarders. This stiffness can cause injuries around the neck even before snowboarding.

The discomfort and the pain can distract any snowboarder.

What can I do to prevent stiffness and neck pain during winter? Keep yourself warm by purchasing appropriate warm clothes, scarves for your neck, helmet, and quality boots.

And if you are already having neck pain, talk to your doctor for the proper medication.

3. Falling when skateboarding

Falling when snowboarding can cause neck pain due to the sharp twisting motion. The disc between the vertebrae can dislodge to cause pain or stiffness around the neck.

However, this mostly happens when moving at a higher speed without snowboarding skills.

How can you prevent frequent falling when snowboarding?

Take some lessons on how to snowboard, and you will not have issues with how to balance yourself on the board.

Again, it would help if you had rising techniques after a fall.

4. Lack of exercise

When your body is idle, the muscles tend to be stiff. So, it’s not an exception when it comes to neck muscles.

Due to this, you can easily suffer neck pain when snowboarding. Here are exercises for warming up before skateboarding.

Squats, burpee, pushups, jumping, leg swings, arm circles, and body stretch.

Through this, you will avoid neck pain once you hit the slopes. If you can’t endure winter activities, it is easy for you to come back with severe neck injuries.

Snowboarding Neck Injury Treatment Options

Never take this lightly if you experience neck pain after or during snowboarding.

You can consider home treatment or visiting a clinic with qualified physicians.

Some treatment options you will be advised of are; taking time to rest your neck, stretching the neck muscles, using over-the-counter medication, and making good use of physical therapy services.

1. Resting your neck

Rest your neck until you feel good and ready for the next season. But, you can consider this option if the injury is mild.

Also, if the pain is accompanied by swelling, you must seek advice from a doctor on the medication to take or apply.

2. Stretching the neck muscles 

Stretching is another way of dealing with snowboarding neck pain. Your neck needs to go back to normal.

So, you can roll it side to side slowly. Indeed, this helps a lot with neck soreness.

3. Physical therapy 

If the neck injury is severe according to your doctor, you must go for physical therapy or wear a neck brace that highly reduces movements. With time your neck muscles will heal.

How to Prevent Snowboarding Neck Pain

It is wise to know how to prevent neck pain during or after snowboarding.

This will keep you from taking a break from snowboarding as you can’t ride your snowboard with a painful neck.

Below are cool tips for preventing snowboarding neck pain.

Insulate your whole body

If you want to prevent neck pain during snowboarding, ensure your body is fully insulated.

You know cold temperatures can cause stiffness of the neck muscles to cause pain.

So, you can opt for baggy clothes, a thick scarf for the neck, and quality headgear. 

Baggy clothes provide space for other layers to offer maximum insulation. Through this, you can be sure of warmth from head to toe.

Take snowboarding lessons

Riding down the snowy surfaces with much care is essential. Besides, taking some training is vital because you will master snowboarding techniques.

Though a bit expensive, you will have the idea of turning the whole body rather than suddenly turning your neck.

Again, you will be taught how to take turns when riding at a high speed.

Prevent whiplash, and you will never experience any neck pain while snowboarding.

Nevertheless, you only need movement tricks to avoid falling, which can cause severe neck pain.

Take time to warm-up

Still, you can prevent neck pain when snowboarding by taking time to warm up.

Exercising before hitting the slopes will ensure all your muscles are flexible.

And so, when snowboarding, it will be hard for you to have neck soreness.

Why Does My Neck Hurt After Snowboarding? Conclusion

You may experience snowboarding neck pain if you do not have proper snowboarding skills.

You must be equipped with knowledge on how to balance yourself on the snowboard.

Also, you must have turning tricks to avoid falling or careless turning of your head.

Through this guide, you will learn how to prevent neck pain during snowboarding.

Without a doubt, snowboarding is a thrilling sport- grab your gear, snowboard, and your fitting boots and hit the slopes.

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