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What are Ice Skate Covers for?

What are ice skate covers for? Ice skate covers are a great way to keep your skates dry and protect them from rust. Read this comprehensive guide to learn more about ice blade guards!

To keep your ice skate looking great, you should consider investing in an ice skate cover.

These covers are lightweight and easy to put on, making them perfect for keeping your ice skates clean and free of dust and dirt.

Plus, they help protect your ice skate blades from the elements, so they’ll last longer.

You’ll find this guide helpful if you’re also wondering what kinds of ice skate covers are available on the market today. So, let’s get to it!

What are ice skate covers?

Ice skate covers or ice skate blade guards are lightweight covers made of fabric or plastic.

They’re designed to protect ice skates from the elements and dust. Ice skate covers made from martial or fabric are specifically known as soakers.

What are ice skate covers for?

Ice hockey players and figure skaters primarily use ice skate blade covers to cover figure skates and hockey skates.

  • Use in ice hockey; to protect hockey skates from other hard surfaces besides ice. They go a long way to protect hockey skates from cement, rocks, metal, or wood, which can damage the blades. You don’t want the blades to get damaged because it can affect the quality of your ice skating. This is where hockey skate guards come in handy.
  • Use in figure skating; to protect figure skates from elements causing rust on the blades. They’re mostly plastic and available in various colors. Historically, they were wood, but this has changed over time.

How to use an ice skate cover

To use an ice skate cover, slip it over the blade of your ice skate. Make sure to fit it tightly, so it doesn’t move and protect your blades from scratches and other damage.

Types of ice skate covers

There are two types of ice skate covers: skate soakers and hard skate covers/guards. Below is everything you should know about them.

Skate soakers

Skate soakers are covers specifically designed for ice skates. They have a fabric or rubber backing and cover the entire skate blade.

Soakers help protect ice skates from dirt, moisture, and other elements that can damage the blade.


  • They’re lightweight and easy to carry
  • They cover the entire skate blade, protecting it from damage caused by other hard surfaces.
  • Absorb moisture to prevent rust
  • It fits nearly all ice skates


  • You can’t use them for waking on the ice rink
  • They are not entirely sturdy as covers.

Blade Guards/covers

Blade guards or hard skate guards are covers for ice skates that only protect the blade.

They fit over the blade and have a hard plastic or metal frame, so it doesn’t move or flex when skating.

Guards are heavier than soakers, but they protect the blades from damage much better as they’re not flexible.


  • They cover the entire skate blade
  • They’re sturdy, so they don’t move or flex on impact, protecting your blades against scratches and other damages which can affect skating quality.
  • You can use them for walking on the ice surface
  • Easy to transport


  • They may be more expensive than soakers
  • Some guards are difficult to put on and take off

Where can I buy an ice skate cover?

There are a few places you can buy ice skate covers. Some stores carry both soakers and guards, while others only sell guards.

You can also purchase ice skate covers online. Some reliable online stores to consider are Amazon, Etsy, and Walmart.

Remember to check the quality and previous customer reviews before buying. This way, you’ll make an informed buying decision.

Ice skater safety tips when using ice skate covers

When using ice skate covers, remember to:

  • Ensure that the skate cover fits properly for ultimate blade protection and to prevent laceration risks.
  • Always remove the skate guard covers before stepping onto the ice.

How to choose the right ice skate cover

There are a few things to consider when choosing the right ice skate cover.

1. Type of cover/guide

The primary types are blade guards and soakers. You can opt for any of them depending on your budget and preference.

Covers are sturdier and more durable, making the best blade protectors for figure and hockey skates.

2. Quality

Make sure to buy from a reputable store or seller.

Don’t just go for the cheapest option because you won’t get the best quality skate guard cover on the market.

The type of material influences covers quality. Overall, plastic blade covers are more high-quality than fabric or material blade guards.

3. Brands

When it comes to ice skate covers, there are a few popular brands.

Popular brands you may consider are; Guardog, Rockerz, and ChloeNoel.

Don’t be afraid to try out different brands before buying so you can find the perfect one for your skating needs.

4. Color preference

When picking an ice skate guard cover, consider your color preference so you can easily find the cover that matches your skates.

No one wants to skate in all black! The best part is that there are plenty of color options to consider.

5. Cost

The price of ice skate covers can vary depending on the brand and type of cover.

Although some covers may be more expensive than others, they are generally worth it in the long run because they provide better blade protection.

You want to go for affordable covers without compromising on quality.

6. Durability

Good ice skate guards cover should last you for a while. It’s important to find durable covers, so your skates are not damaged.

Plastic covers come in handy when looking for durable skate blade protectors.

7. Ease of use

It is essential that your ice skate guard cover is easy to put on and take off.

You don’t want to spend extra time figuring out how the guard cover works or struggling with putting it on correctly.

Ice skate cover accessories reviews

Overall, ice skate covers come in handy when it comes to protecting your blades and skates.

Some people find the covers too bulky or difficult to put on, but overall they are a popular choice for blade guards. Here are some ice skate covers you may consider.

1. 4 Pcs Walking Hockey Skate Guards

It would be best to have proper protection for your feet while playing hockey.

The 4 Pcs Walking Hockey Skate Guards are made of quality PVC material and are wear-resistant, so they will remain in good condition even when used frequently.

They also give you a pleasant experience because the surface is soft and smooth to the touch while keeping its condition even at low temperatures.

The skating blade guard also filters water quickly from the melted ice to prevent blade rust so your blade can stay well.

It is suitable for many kinds of skate shoes like figure and recreational skates.

Check the latest price on amazon and possibly grab it if you think it would be great for you.

2. EALER BDT100 Ice Skate Blade Covers

DEALER BDT100 ice skate blade covers are the perfect way to keep your Hockey Skates, Figure Skates, and Ice Skates safe and dry.

Designed for children, youths, men, and women alike, these durable covers protect your blades from damage while also prolonging sharpening.

Made of high-quality materials that won’t harm your blades or skates, these cover provides durability and protection.

EALER ice skate blade covers can be used with most blades thanks to their reinforced integrated outer and inner polypropylene web bands that prevent chipping or rust from occurring on the blades.

In addition to protecting them from damage, our Terry lining also helps absorb excess water so that they remain free of rust.

Whether you’re looking for something neutral or something bolder to stand out in a crowd, EALER has you covered.

Available in a variety of colors, so you can choose whatever suits you best! Check the latest price on Amazon.

3. Elite Hockey Pro-Skate Guard

Hockey is all about precision and control, so keeping your blades safe from harm is essential.

Elite Hockey Pro-Skate Guards keep you in the game thanks to their VCI water-resistant treatment that keeps water off your blades so you can focus on hitting your targets.

The bottom strip of rubber traction grips the ground for safe walking, while the snug fit around the blade protects against nicks and chips when you throw your skates into your bag.

2 covers (one pair) is all you need to take care of your blade needs during a game or practice session. Check them out on Amazon.

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