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Why Do Female Snowboarders Leave Hair Out?

Why do female snowboarders leave hair out? - get to know the reasons through this article.

Nowadays, females are taking part in the snowboarding Olympics. It is awe-inspiring to see female expound their talent in a male-dominated sport.  

But many people wonder why female snowboarders leave their hair peeping out of the headgear. Keep scrolling to know more!

Why Do Female Snowboarders Leave Hair Out?

Why do female snowboarders leave hair out? Female snowboarders leave hair out as a way of expressing femininity.

Also, this signaling hairstyle of leaving two strands of hair out of the headgear has united all female snowboarders.

Well, this female style of two strands of hair peeking out of the headgear is known as the “slut strand”.

1. To Express Femininity

Wearing baggy clothes is becoming a norm among snowboarders and so differentiating between male and female snowboarders can be challenging.

Female snowboarders have found a way to express femininity by leaving part of their hair outside the headgear.

This “slut strand” style shows women’s activity in the snowboarding Olympics. 

Elsa Grace is a great snowboarder who made this name famous. With the father’s help, they came up with the “slut strand society,” which brings together all female snowboarders.

Elsa Grace remains to be the captain up to date.

2. Unites All Female Snowboarders

Leaving hair out of the headgear has brought unity among female snowboarders. They have shown solidarity and harmony in this fun sport.

Through the “slut strands” society, these female snowboarders can interact with one another.

They also discuss the struggles of being female athletes in a male-dominated sport and how to overcome them.

The resilience on the slopes is evident. This is how they achieve unity.

Does This Context “Slut Strand” Sound Harsh?

The term “slut” has a negative connotation in the female fraternity. Many people have been on the front line to change this name, but Elsa Grace has remained firm.

Saying it’s just a term used to describe a hairstyle for female snowboarders and skiers.

This style is where you leave two strands of hair out of the headgear.

Female snowboarders have grown to be a community where they enroll members anytime. 

Check out this slut strand society if you want to learn new things every day as a female snowboarder.

Though a derogatory word, “slut strand” empowers women to band together during snowboarding.  

Perfect Hairstyles For Female Snowboarders

For female snowboarders, it is wise to choose the most suitable hairstyle.

You can go for box braids, side braids, low pony double braids, Dutch braids, and twisted ponytail hairstyles.

Choosing a good hairstyle ensures that your hair won’t break free when whizzing down the slopes.

Hair flying direct to your face can affect visibility while snowboarding. You know how dangerous it can be!

Check out the below styles.

1. Boxer Braids

Boxer braids “cornrows” is a stylish and admirable hairstyle for female snowboarders.

Your hair is usually braided tightly; you won’t experience hair straying to your face.

You can have your helmet comfortably as your hair will only fall at the back when enjoying this addictive sport.

2. Side Braid

You can achieve a side braid style by taking your whole hair and plaiting it downwards.

Your headgear can fit well as the braided hair snugs out with a Bennie. With this simple hairstyle, you will see the slopes clearly when riding.  

3. Low Pony Double Braid

You can do it yourself- split your hair in the middle to have two portions. Plait each side downwards and include a bennie at the end.

Your hair can’t fly back to your face when snowboarding.

Winning snowboarding depends on your movement and skills.  So, you should never let your hair affect your visibility.

4. Dutch Braids

Dutch braids can be a good option if you need a simple, comfortable look when snowboarding.

You only need to comb your hair and apply some gel. This makes your hair soft for easy plaiting.

Break your hair from the middle or sides. Then plait the two lines backward and at the end, have your colorful Bennie.

Wearing your helmet will be fast and easy, and your hair won’t swing to the face.

5. Twisted Ponytail                      

Take your whole hair and twist it downwards. You will achieve a beautiful style showing a twisted tail that protrudes from the headgear.

The incredible thing is that the twist won’t be moving right or left to distract your movements.

Ensure you swap your favorite bennie at the finish, and you are good to go.

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