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Why Do My Feet Hurt after Rollerblading?| the Ultimate Answer

Why do my feet hurt after rollerblading? If you’re wondering why this happens, you’re in the right place. Finally, you’ll discover in this blog why your feet hurt and how you can fix the problem. So keep reading!

Why do my feet hurt after rollerblading? Like you, I wondered why I had to endure the pain after a session of rollerblading. Plus, it never made sense that I had to be in pain for having fun. Nothing was adding up for me until I discovered why my feet hurt that much after skating.

Therefore, I decided to carry out research on this matter. I discovered that my feet hurt after rollerblading because of poor skating technique, ill-fitting inline skating shoes, skating without socks or extra padding, over skating, and undeveloped muscles around the foot and leg shaft area. This finding came about from skating experts and coaches.

Why Do My Feet Hurt after Rollerblading?

Together with my skating experience over the years and discovery from experienced skaters, I’ve put together this guide to help you understand why your feet hurt after rollerblading and how you can fix it. So, without much ado, let’s jump right into it!

1. Poor Skating Technique

What is the poor skating technique, you ask? Newbies and some intermediate skaters struggle with poor form when starting to skate. The proper technique involves staying low. By this, I mean bending your knees at a near 90 degrees angle.

By all means, your knees should be above toes. How does this help prevent your feet from hurting after rollerblading? You could be wondering. The truth is, bending your knees correctly helps to transfer your body weight to the toe balls.

Failure to do this means all the weight will be concentrated around the ankles area, which hurts the ankles and the muscles around that place.

Another poor technique of skating is during the push and glide movement. The correct way to do it is by using your entire foot. Unfortunately, some skaters use their toes which ends up hurting, especially when it leads to blistering.

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2. Ill-fitting Inline Skating Shoes

why do my feet hurt after rollerblading?
Source: Inline Skates dot com

Sometimes, ill-fitting inline skating shoes are probably undersized, meaning your feet don’t fit in them correctly. And as you skate, the pressure from the skates causes you more unending pain. The solution for this is pretty simple!

When buying inline skates, ensure you pick what fits you correctly. As a rule of thumb, the skates shouldn’t fit your tightly but snuggly. Therefore, the skates you buy should be at least an inch or half-inch larger to give you a snug fit and comfortable.

How do I know the right size of rollerblades to buy? You could be asking. The easiest way is to use your shoe size. So, if you’re wearing shoe size 9, by default, your skates should be almost the same size with an extra inch to create more room for your toes.

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3. Skating without Socks or Extra Padding

If you’re constantly asking: why do my feet hurt after rollerblading? You probably could be skating without socks or extra padding. The right socks and padding help by reducing friction between your feet and your inline skating shoes.

Eventually, this helps to avoid blisters that cause unending and irritating pain. The solution is always to wear a pair of socks when going to rollerblade. This should apply when going to the skate park, recreational park, skating on urban roads, bike paths, or rollerblading rinks.

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The best part is, you don’t need to put on super special socks. Any kind would be perfect, provided it is 2 mm or 3 mm thick. The bottom line is, the socks should be moderately thick—neither too thin nor too thick.

In addition, if you have money to spend, you may want to go for a pair of My Fit ankle socks by Power slide or any other company. Skaters make them for skaters, which is enough proof they’re a perfect fit for skaters struggling with feet that hurt after rollerblading.

4. Over Skating in the Beginning

my feet hurt after rollerblading

Over skating, in the beginning, can be a leading contributor to hurting feet. While starting, it’s hard to resist the urge to skate more, especially if you’re pretty passionate about the sport. Look, I get it! You love skating, and you want to skate more.

However, it would help if you did it with moderation. So, if you’re experiencing pain from over skating, a rule of thumb is to skate 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Also, covering longer distances all at once wouldn’t be a good idea.

Instead, you want to break it down into smaller and manageable chunks. For example, if you’re doing 20 miles, you can take breaks after every 5 miles of rollerblading.

5. Undeveloped Muscles around the Foot and Leg Shaft Area

Undeveloped muscles around the foot and leg shaft area lead to pain in the feet after rollerblading. When starting to rollerblade, your muscles will need time to cope with the intensity of inline skating.

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The truth is, your muscles need time to adjust, so it’s expected they’ll hurt in the first two to three weeks. Moreover, this period can prolong if you skate less often. Therefore, the best way to deal with this problem is to skate more often to build your foot and shaft muscles.

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Why Do My Feet Hurt after Rollerblading? Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do My Feet Hurt after Skating?

Your feet can hurt after skating for various reasons like poor skating techniques (not bending enough), wrong sized inline skates, skating without socks or padding, and over skating. It’s advisable to use skates that snuggly fit you together with a pair of socks when skating. More importantly, use the proper technique when skating, like bending your knees properly.

2. Should your feet Hurt when Rollerblading?

Your feet shouldn’t hurt when rollerblading, at least when you have the right-sized skates and if you’re applying the proper skating techniques like bending low to transfer the weight to your toe balls. In addition, you can avoid the pain by putting on a pair of socks between 2 mm and 3 mm.

3. How do I Stop My Feet from Hurting when Skating?

Your feet can hurt when skating because of poor skating technique or wearing the wrong skates for your feet. Therefore, to stop your feet from hurting when skating, it’s essential to use the right skating technique by properly bending your knees.

This helps to transfer the weight to your toe balls instead of your ankles area. Also, it would help if you only skate on inline skates that best fit you snuggly to prevent too much friction and rubbing.

4. How Can I Make My Rollerblades More Comfortable?

The best way to make your rollerblades more comfortable is to get yourself a pair of socks for inline skating. In addition, any socks will do fine provided it’s of the right thickness—neither too thin nor too thick. An ideal thickness should be between 2 mm and 3 mm. Also, if you have adjustable inline skates, you can pull the front part to create more room for your feet.

5. Is Rollerblading Good for Ankles?

Rollerblading skates are fitted with comfy liners meant to protect your ankles and the entire foot from too much friction that causes blistering. This makes rollerblading good for ankles since you’re assured of your ankles’ safety when skating.

6. How do You Strengthen Your Feet When Roller skating?

There are two ways to strengthen your feet when roller skating or rollerblading. One, you can try out feet exercises and two, you can go skating more often. By being in your skates for a longer time, your feet get used to the skates and strengthen with time.

Feet exercises like the weight shift help a long way with building foot muscles and strength. When doing this exercise, you should stand on your toes and heels 5-7 times while also switching to the sides of the foot.

Why Do My Feet Hurt after Rollerblading? Wrapping Up

Why do my feet hurt after rollerblading? If you’ve been experiencing severe feet pain after rollerblading, I believe you now understand what is causing the pain and how to fix it. Skating is fun, but when it’s causing you pain afterward, it beats logic.

So, instead of quitting, you only need to use the right inline skate shoes, wear socks when rollerblading, use the correct skating technique, break in your rollerblades, avoid over skating, and train your leg and feet muscles more.

If you stick to these recommendations, your feet shouldn’t hurt anymore. So, what’s stopping you now? Keep skating and stay safe.

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