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Why Do My Snowboard Bindings Keep Coming Loose?

Why do my snowboard bindings keep coming loose? I got you if you're wondering why your bindings keep coming loose. I cover details in this guide.

Winters can be depressing – freezing temperatures, driving in the snow, literally dark days.

But it doesn’t have to be all gloomy and SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). Instead of sulking, you can go snowboarding. 

Snowboarding is a thrilling recreational activity, a robust workout exercise, and the perfect way to enjoy scenic beauty.

It’s the ideal way to remain active and sustain social fabric when the primal instinct is to seek shelter.

But if your snowboard bindings keep coming loose while you’re skating, it can be downright demoralizing, to put it mildly. 

In this article, I explore potential causes of snowboard bindings coming loose.

I then discuss simple solutions to ensure your bindings remain intact. 

Why Do My Snowboard Bindings Keep Coming Loose?

Why do my snowboard bindings keep coming loose? Your snowboard bindings can keep coming loose due to vibrations, loose binding Screws, and worn-out binders. 

Let’s dive deep into each probable cause of snowboard bindings coming loose.

1. Vibrations

Snowboarding is laden with vibrations. An action sport, snowboarding involves many swift turns and bumps, which cause vibrations. 

Vibrations become more pronounced when you snowboard on rough surfaces and perform snowboarding tricks such as ollie and nollie. 

Vibrations put a strain on the binding screws. The binding screws will eventually fall loose due to the cumulative effect.

2. Loose Binding Screws

New snowboard screws have a threadlocker that reinforces the threaded grip.

Over time, the threadlocker wears out. This can cause your snowboard bindings to become loose.

Cross-threading is another culprit that causes loose binding screws. Cross-threading occurs when you tighten the screw at an angle, causing the male and female threads to grind into each other. 

That reduces thread grip and impairs the thread’s ability to clamp the binders.

2. Failure to Fasten Binders Properly

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail – Benjamin Franklin.

Sometimes the cause of bindings coming loose is self-inflicted. Failure to fasten the straps properly within the buckles is courting trouble. 

The binders will come loose at the worst moment; when going over a bump or making a quick turn.

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What Can You Do to Keep Your Snowboard Bindings Intact?

Why Do My Snowboard Bindings Keep Coming Loose?

Now let’s explore great ways to keep snowboard bindings intact and make this priceless sport smoother and more fun.

1. Avoid Cross-threading

Cross-threading destroys the threads. To avoid cross-threading, fasten the screws perpendicular to the axis of the threaded hole. 

To achieve the right angle, turn the screw counter-clockwise slowly and attentively as if unscrewing it.

You will feel an engagement pop when the male and female threads align.

Once you have the correct alignment, make a couple of clockwise turns to stabilize the screw.

Repeat for all the remaining screws, screwing each partially. 

Partial screwing secures the binder and keeps it in place, preventing cross-threading.

After setting all the screws, tighten them using the proper size screwdriver like DEMON UNITED Elite to avoid stripping the heads. Also, don’t over-tighten the screws.

At the right angle, the screw should thread naturally without resistance. That reduces friction, which would otherwise damage the threads.

2. Secure the Binders Properly

Preparation is key. Before going snowboarding, fasten the binding straps securely within the buckles. 

First, ensure no debris in the buckles. Foreign particles in the buckles can block it and undermine its grip. 

Starting with the ankle strap, insert the ladder strap into the fasteners and tighten it to obtain a snug and comfortable fit. 

Securing the ankle strap pulls the foot back and locks it into position. Then ratchet the toe strap, and you’re all set.

It’s also a good habit to inspect and tighten loose binding screws before a skating session.

As a precaution, carry a skate tool handy in case something comes loose while skating.

3. Apply Threadlocker

If you’ve seen a new screw, you’ve probably noticed blue or red colors on the threads.

That’s a threadlocker. A threadlocker is a liquid that solidifies after reacting with metal ions anaerobically.

The colors denote threadlocker strength. The blue threadlocker is for joints you plan to unscrew easily by hand tools, while the red threadlocker is for solid joints you don’t plan on disassembling.

So, make sure to use the blue threadlocker.

Treat the threads with the threadlocker. The threadlocker will spread and fill the grooves as you tighten the screws, expelling all the air. 

It will then react with metal ions in this anaerobic environment and solidify, binding the joint.

In addition to reinforcing the joint, a threadlocker seals off air and water, preventing rust, corrosion, and leaks. For effective action, follow the threadlocker’s application instructions.

Loctite is a popular threadlocker found in most hardware and online stores. Caution! Threadlocker degrades plastics, and you must avoid spillage onto plastic or rubber components. 

4. Replace the Binder

Snowboard bindings will serve you 3–4 years, depending on how hard and often you snowboard before needing replacement.

The first sign that they are ready to give way is physical fatigue. If you notice cracks or broken parts, it’s time to retire them.

If the bindings are in good condition and loose screws cause the loosening, replacing the screws, discs, or both is a cost-effective option. 

Make sure to buy the correct replacement components. Check the length because long screws can shoot through the snowboard and destroy it. 

Likewise, large screws can damage threads due to excessive friction, while small screws can’t get a good grip.

Also, buy the correct discs for the hole pattern of your board and bindings.

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Why Do My Snowboard Bindings Keep Coming Loose? | Wrapping Up

Snowboarding is an excellent winter sport. And for maximum pleasure, snowboarding should be smooth and uninterrupted. 

Stopping frequently to tighten loose snowboard bindings disrupts and ruins the experience.

Many factors can cause loose bindings, including loose binding screws, vibrations, and worn-out binders.

It is critical to fasten the binders, tighten the screws, and avoid cross-threading to avoid inconvenience. 

Also, replace the binders when they wear out. Depending on the condition, you can replace the entire binder or just the discs and screws.

Applying a threadlocker can also come in handy in reinforcing the screws.

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