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Why Do Skateboard Wheels Turn Yellow?

Why do skateboard wheels turn yellow? Here is an article elaborating the several reasons as to why. Keep scrolling.

Skateboards are different, considering the design and color of the wheels.

Many skateboarders prefer skateboards with white wheels. These wheels are ever bright with an impressive look.

But sometimes, your shiny skateboard wheels can turn yellow. Let’s explore the reasons!

Why Do Skateboard Wheels Turn Yellow?

Why do skateboard wheels turn yellow? Skateboard wheels can turn yellow due to breakdown and degradation of the urethane due to sunlight exposure.

You can also note the yellowish color on the skateboard wheels as a result of rolling on the ground, soaking up dirt, oil, and other materials.

Here are the reasons that contribute to your skateboard wheels turning yellow.

1. The Urethane on Wheels Degrades Over Time

Skateboard wheels may turn yellow when you expose them to intense UV rays.

This is because the urethane on the wheels breaks down and degrades with time.

The urethane is yellowish, but most companies bleach the skateboard wheels to have a bright white color.

Bleaching is never permanent; that is why you will see the yellowish color after some time.

If you need quality, forever bright skateboard wheels, you can purchase the expensive ones.

Why is urethane used when manufacturing skateboard wheels?

  • The urethane doesn’t leave markings and scuffs behind. Their non-marking capability ensures you don’t damage or leave stains on those surfaces when enjoying this addictive sport
  • This material is resistant to abrasion. So, its quality can’t be affected when skating on concrete, metal rails, and asphalt surfaces. 
  • Urethane is a durable material and can endure freezing or scorching temperatures. So, your wheels will perform perfectly regardless of the weather.
  • The urethane makes it easy to customize it to your preferred color. Your wheels can be made white if you love bright colors. 

2. Rolling On Dirt, Wax, and Other Materials

Your white shinning skateboard wheels can turn yellow due to frequent rolling on dirt, oils, wax, and other materials.

When such things build up on the wheels, its bright color may fade to a yellowish tint.

You can consider cleaning the skateboard wheels after skateboarding.

But cleaning can’t prevent the yellowish color as you will be going back to the ground.

Is It Possible To Prevent Your White Wheels From Turning Yellow?

Unfortunately, there is no way you can prevent your bright white wheels from turning yellowish.

The urethane degrades due to intense UV rays triggering color change.

Also, dirt, oil, wax, and other ground materials contribute to the yellowish tint.

If you want to enjoy seeing vibrant colors be ready to go for the expensive, quality skateboard wheels.

You will have your desired look to enjoy skateboarding for several years.  

How to Clean Your Yellowish Skateboard Wheels

Keeping your skateboard wheels clean is paramount to increasing their lifespan.

You must remove dirt, oil stains, and other materials built on the wheels. Set the requirements first.

It would help if you had; Your skateboard,

Let’s get to the steps now.

Step1: Detaching the wheels and bearings from the skateboard

Take your skateboard and detach the wheels and bearings in your working area.

When loosening the nuts, use the appropriate tool. Pop the rivets and pull the wheels using your other hand.

Remember, each wheel comes with two bearings. Ensure you have kept the bearings in a safe place, away from wetness.

Step 2: Cleaning and brushing off dirt from the wheels

After removing the wheels from the skateboard, it’s time to soak them in hot water with a few drops of soap. 

You can use a bucket or soak them in a clogged sink. Leave the wheels for 10 minutes for the dirt to soften. The soap removes any oil from the wheels.

After soaking the wheels, take a cloth and clean every part of the wheel because debris, oil, and dirt tend to hide inside. 

Then, take your brush and scrub the wheel surfaces to remove embedded debris.

Step 3: Rinsing the wheels with clean water

Rinse your wheels with clean water and place them on a towel to dry.

Drying your wheels is a vital step because when wet, they attract dirt that can negatively affect the wheels’ smoothness.

Also, don’t expose the wheels to sunlight, as they can be brittle.

Step 4: Cleaning the bearings

Take the bearings, soak them in alcohol solution, and shake the container in a circular motion until the dirt is completely removed.

Rinse them with running clean water and wrap them with a towel to dry. 

After cleaning the bearings, you can grease them before returning them to the skateboard wheels.

Step 5: Reassemble your wheels and board

After drying your wheels and bearings, it’s time to return them to the skateboard.

You must be sure of the sequence so that every part fits into its place. 

If you are not sure about reassembling, you can call a professional.

Your skateboard can turn the opposite way if you don’t fix the nuts and trucks well.

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