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Why Do Snowboarders Wear Baggy Clothes?

Why do snowboarders wear baggy clothes? I cover in this guide why and when snowboarders wear baggy clothes.

Snowboarding is a favorite sport during winter. But, the freezing climate should not hinder any snowboarder from hitting the slopes with fashionable looks.

One of the common styles among snowboarders is wearing baggy clothes.

Why do snowboarders wear baggy clothes? Snowboarders wearing baggy clothes have kept people pondering how they survive on snowy surfaces. 

Others think that fitting clothes are the best as they act as a second skin to preserve more heat when snowboarding.

Unfortunately, tight-fitting clothes hinder movements when snowboarding.

Let’s see why baggy clothes are ideal despite the freezing temperatures during snowboarding.

Why Do Snowboarders Wear Baggy Clothes?

Why do snowboarders wear baggy clothes? Snowboarders wear baggy clothes to increase flexibility and comfort, create enough room for more layers and protect themselves in case of a fall when snowboarding at high speed. Wearing baggy clothes is also fashionable.

Keep scrolling for detailed information as to why snowboarders wear baggy clothes.

1. Baggy Clothes Increase Flexibility

Snowboarding is all about portraying radical movement tricks. However, wearing fitting clothes will restrict your movement and make snowboarding tedious.

Baggy clothes ensure freedom of movement, and your skin will not get chafed.

Sometimes, you may want to backside at 180-degree or twist at 500-degree- you see, tight clothes will not do you justice.

Wearing baggy outfits allows your body to perform well when snowboarding.

As a snowboarder, you need to feel comfortable and flexible, which can only be achieved by considering baggy clothes.

Shopping for snowboarding clothes is expensive but more rewarding. You must have all the layers beneath your baggy clothes; have appropriate boots, a helmet, and a quality snowboard.

Tight-fitting clothes are never the best for snowboarders but are ideal for aerobics.

2. It’s Fashion

Snowboarders are opting for baggy clothes as they look more fashionable.

They are also attractive and allow snowboarders to have courage when snowboarding. 

The most crucial part is enabling snowboarders to fit other clothes beneath.

Take your time and view people around winter sports centers, and you will realize this fashion of baggy clothes. It’s taking over.

3. To Create Room For Multiple Layers

Snowboarders wear baggy clothes to create more room for layers. When snowboarding on a snow-covered mountain, you need to keep yourself warm.

It is easy to incorporate more clothes beneath your baggy pants and jackets.

You can have the base, wind, insulation, and hard-shell layers. These extra layers provide the required warmth when snowboarding.

With fitting clothes, it will be hard for you to add more clothes beneath. So, baggy clothes are ideal for snowboarding in cold weather conditions.

Sometimes, the winter season can be so harsh to regret why you didn’t go for baggy clothes to accommodate other layers.

Never forget to cover your head with a helmet as this sport is not the same as roller skating, where one doesn’t have to wear headgear.

4. Protects You In Case Of A Fall

Snowboarding is all about gnarly tricks, and so falling is common. Wearing baggy clothes is advantageous as you can add extra protection beneath.

You can have pads on your knees and elbow if you are a beginner who loves crushing at speed.

Baggy clothes enable you to have butts pads to act as a cushion in case you fall backward.

You can also have a neck scarf to minimize snowboarding neck injuries that contribute to neck pain.

There are full body armors around the market that you can wear under your baggy clothes, and no one will ever notice.

The bottom line is it’s more comfortable and safe to fall on more linings of clothes beneath your baggy clothes.

Considerations When Choosing Snowboarding Clothes

When shopping for snowboarding clothes, it is wise to consider insulation, the material of the clothes, breathability capability, and if the clothes are waterproof.

It is advisable to think of all this because you will always be on snowy surfaces.

1. Insulation

When purchasing snowboarding clothes, ensure they have an insulating layer.

This layer in your clothing will tap warm air into the skin. Remember, air can be an insulation element because it doesn’t conduct heat so quickly.

Your insulated clothes will contain the air to prevent heat from escaping out of your body.

So, if your insulated clothing taps more air, you will feel warmer when snowboarding.  

Your preferred clothes should be designed in a way; you don’t need to pull them off to access your pockets. This is why going for baggy clothes with an insulating layer is beneficial.

2. Material Used

There are different materials used to make snowboarding clothes. They include; polyester, nylon, Gore-Tex, and microfibers.

Polyester is a durable material that doesn’t stretch or shrink quickly.

Polyester is water resistant and dries fast when wet. You can also consider clothes from nylon-a material that dries quickly, can be dyed, and washing takes minutes.

Microfibers are materials best for baggy snowboarding clothes.

It’s a combination of nylon and polyester- making it more durable, breathable, wind resistant, and highly resistant to water.

Though a bit expensive, they produce high-tech snowboarding clothes.

Lastly, the Gore-Tex material makes medical equipment and other clothes.

The materials are waterproof and breathable. However, nylon is attached to this material to make it windproof.

3. Breathability

When riding down the slope, you can get hot and sweat a lot. So, it is wise to go for breathable clothing.

This is the only way you can wick away the sweat to keep a comfortable temperature when snowboarding.

If you are riding and sweat taps against your body, you will feel uncomfortable due to the wetness.

For sure, snowboarding will be a nightmare. Thus wicking away the sweats makes you remain dry when snowboarding.

With breathable garments, you will stay dry and cool during the day and be warm if you are snowboarding during the night.

The warmth and breathability of snowboarding clothes go in handy.

4. Waterproof

Waterproof clothes are perfect for snowboarding. You can opt for baggy clothes with a thick waterproof covering to ensure you remain dry while on snow.

It would be best if you had clothes to keep you dry when planning to hit the slopes.

Your snowboarding clothing (the pants, jacket, and gloves) should be wet-resistant despite exposing yourself to too much snow.

Why Do Snowboarders Wear Baggy Clothes? | Conclusion

Why do snowboarders wear baggy clothes? Snowboarders wear baggy clothes to feel comfortable and flexible when snowboarding.

These baggy clothes also provide more warmth as you can easily add more layers beneath.

When purchasing baggy clothes as a snowboarder, you should think of comfort.

Your preferred snowboarding clothing must perfectly insulate your body to survive the cold weather. 

The clothes must have the ability to regulate temperature and have waterproof capabilities. Enjoy riding along the snowy slopes!

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