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Why Do You Skateboard?

Why Do You Skateboard? Skateboarding is an exciting roller sport with tons of health benefits. I cover details of why you should skateboard in the rest of this guide!

Why do you skateboard? Skateboarding is a great exercise that helps your legs and cores get stronger.

Skateboarding also helps to burn tons of calories and keep the body fit and healthy. So, read on!

Why Do You Skateboard?

Why do you skateboard? You should skateboard because of the following reasons; 

  • Skateboarding is relatively cheap
  • You can skateboard anytime you like
  • Skateboarding is great for commuting
  • Skateboarding increases your happiness
  • Gradual improvement in skateboarding is rewarding
  • Skateboarding looks Impossible
  • Failure in skateboarding makes it better
  • Skateboarding helps you forget about your problems
  • Skateboarding is good for making friends
  • Skateboarding is a healthy exercise
  • Skateboarding is not dangerous as many people think
  • Skateboarding is great for all ages
  • Skateboarding is not hard to learn

Below, I cover the details of why skateboarding is worth it. Let’s get to it!

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1. Skateboarding is Relatively Cheap

Skateboarding is relatively cheap compared to other sports, like snowboarding.

For example, it is comparable to going to the gym and paying for a subscription.

Even though you break decks and thread your shoes, it’s still less expensive than other sports.

2. You Can Skateboard Anytime You Like

You can go skateboarding anytime you like. You don’t have to drive somewhere, not unless you are visiting a remote park. 

In skateboarding, you grab your board and go. Bad weather does not hinder you from skateboarding.

You have options to visit an indoor park or skate inside a garage. This option depends on the weather condition.

3. Skateboarding is Great For Commuting

With your skateboard, you should not worry about commuting. Skateboards are great means of transport.

A skateboard is not bulky, hence can be carried around easily. Commuting using a skateboard enhances balance, and you can move to more advanced stuff once you’re comfortable.

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4. Skateboarding Increases Your Happiness

Skateboarding is a source of happiness. This happiness is not only for me but for many skateboarders out there.

Your mood changes automatically, even on bad days. Out of a skating session, you get a lot of enjoyment.

Landing a trick you have practiced for a long period gets you stoked.

You just feel like going out and doing it more to learn the next thing.

5. Gradual Improvement in Skateboarding is Rewarding

Do you have the basics of skateboarding? Now train on balance and be sure to progress.

The tricks that seemed impossible are now within reach after practice.

For perfection in skateboarding, be dedicated. Your dedication pays off.

Even the most basic tricks pay off. At some point, you’ll pop that kickflips 8 or 9 out of 10 times.

6. Skateboarding looks Impossible

To non-skateboarders, skateboarding looks difficult and risky. But try today; within no time, you’ll get the tricks and enjoy the whole thing.

7. Failure in Skateboarding Makes it Better

I understand you failed not once or twice. But skateboarding is about repeatedly failing until you get it right.

Pure dedication and devotion are all that you need. Finally, you will encounter the most rewarding feeling.

8. Skateboarding Helps You Forget About Your Problems

Do you want to forget all your problems? Go for skateboarding.

It’s much better to skateboard other than visiting a shrink. It’s total fun to skateboard.

You have peace. All you think is about you and your skateboard.

9. Skateboarding is Good for Making Friends

Once you start skateboarding, you meet up with people you share common interests. 

These people become friends for life even if you don’t see each other.

Skateboard friends have few exceptions and are the best that you can have.

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10. Skateboarding is a Healthy Exercise

Skateboarding is a great exercise. This exercise helps burn a ton of calories and can keep going for hours. 

The more you skateboard, the more your legs and core get stronger. 

The leg you considered as dominant might get a bit muscular compared to the other leg.

Pushing yourself will greatly improve your overall health and fitness.

Try skateboarding, and I assure you it will replace your cardio.

11. Skateboarding is Not Dangerous as Many People Think

This was an ‘old’ misconception when the technology was not quite up to par as it is today.

 Skateboarding is a safe sport compared to others. Scientific studies confirm this if you follow the statistics closely.

Start skateboarding but don’t do anything beyond your level.

Attempting higher skills than you have may cause injuries. Build up slowly and work your way towards tricks.

12. Skateboarding is Great For All Ages

Skateboarding is total fun for everybody, irrespective of age.

You can get the tricks at any age. Gaining a grown-up’s skill may be hard, but anyone can learn how to skateboard.

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to skateboarding. I see people of different ages enjoy skateboarding together.

13. Skateboarding is Not Hard to Learn

Skateboarding is not difficult as it looks. It takes time before you get the basics.

As a beginner, avoid ollie and kickflip on day one. If you do, this idea will leave you frustrated.

Learn how to balance, properly ride, and fall before you move on to ollie and kickflip.

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