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Why does my Skateboard Turn the Opposite Way?

Why does my skateboard turn the opposite way? You’re in the right place if you’re wondering why your skateboard turns the opposite way. Read on to find out!

why does my skateboard turn the opposite way? Skateboarding is an enjoyable activity for rider enthusiasts.

If you want to lose body weight and keep fit, try skateboarding. But, when the skateboard turns the opposite way, you become curious to know the cause and the possible ways to fix them.

Sometimes your skateboarding can turn you off if some parts of the skateboard are not in proper condition.

Fixing them take the time you could have used to enjoy skateboarding, killing your riding morale.

If your skateboarding turns the opposite way, it may be that you bend on one side when riding.

You can learn skateboarding to understand how to balance your ride. Your skateboard could be old and need replacement or maintenance.

Find out why your skateboard turns in the opposite way in this article.

Why does my Skateboard turn the opposite way?

Why does my skateboard turn the opposite way? Your skateboard can turn in the opposite way due to broken bearings, cracked bushings, too loose or tight trucks, loose nuts, and a warped deck.

Keep following to know the causes of trouble in your skateboard.

1. Broken Bearing 

Your bearings could be broken. Bearing breaks if they are not well maintained.

Bearing should be cleaned and checked if they are in the right condition.

Well-maintained bearing rarely causes accidents and serves for long.

You need to check your bearings daily and dust any strange materials to avoid unnecessary replacement.

You should replace skateboard bearings once they are completely worn out.

Replace the old bearing if buying new ones is the only option you have.

2. Cracked Bushings

The plastic part of your skateboard known as the bushing might crack or dry up.

Bushings compress and bend during steering. Your smooth riding depends on the hardness of your bushing.

Time, steering, and whether condition causes gradual loosening of the bushing.

If you steer in one direction for a long, the bushing might bend and hence turn in the opposite direction. New and old skateboards can lean on one side causing misalignment.

If you want to fix the problem, ride your skateboarding in the opposite direction of its bending.

It could take a day ride or more than a day to correct the trouble.

The process involves practical engagement from confirming their functionality to tightening trucks.

The truck should be equally tightened or equally loosened. If you can’t fix them you need to replace them.

Your bushings could be cracked, you need to replace them. Ensure you buy quality bushing from a reputable company.

3. Loose or Tight Trucks

When one truck is loose than another, your skateboard bends in one direction.

Try to stand on your skateboard and observe whether you lean on one side.

If your stake bends in the opposite direction, it means your trucks need to be tightened.

Quick action should be taken to re-align your trucks. Trucks loosen due to different reasons apart from steering.

When the pivot cup loosens, the truck loosens too. Check if your pivot is tight enough.

Fix anything from the pivot cup to the truck. If your ride does not seem to flow, you can loosen what you fixed and straighten your truck.

Keep trying, tightening them, or loosening them until to achieve the desired shape of your skateboard.

4. Worn-out Wheels

Leaning on one side when riding causes wheels to wear out on one side.

If you can balance your board, your wheels could wear at once. The issue of side wearing happens to the newbies because balancing is tough for them.

When all wheels have the same diameter, the skateboard moves straight without turning in the opposite way.

The difference in diameter causes uneven movement hence the opposite turning of the ride.

If you want to fix the diameter difference, swap your wheel. It takes a while though you will have a uniform diameter at the end.

You can also replace them if you can’t fix them.

5. Warped Deck 

Some companies might sell toy skateboards, meaning fake skateboards.

If your skateboard is a toy maybe you bought it at a cheaper price or from a non-reputable company.

You can easily tell if a twisted skateboard when you check the position of the skateboard on the ground.

If one of two of the wheel does not touch the ground, remove your truck to fix the wheels.

You need to recheck your deck. Stand on your deck and check if there is any twist to see if the deck is inconsistent.

If you notice the troubles mentioned above. Fix your warped deck and enjoy skateboarding as usual.

Tight trucks and uneven wheels cause old deck warps. You can return the new deck to the store if you find it with trouble.

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Skateboards are not Perfect

When shopping for a skateboard, you need to know they don’t move in a straight line.

Manufacturers might fail to tighten trucks well causing the product to move side-by-side.

Even so, when you face any issue the above measures will help you to fix them.

Learn the troubles that may arise before you buy a skateboard. The small fixes need to be dealt with to continue riding your skateboard.

Most of the new skateboards have problems with bushing. All you need to do is to tighten them and keep going.

You can also loosen them if they are too tight. Creativity will help you make your skateboard a perfect riding tool.

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Final Thought

This article answers the question you have been asking for a long time. Now you know manufacturers can mess with their products and that is why you need skills to fix any issue with a skateboard.

Your wheel could be worn out and develop uncomfortable riding. Keep checking the state of your truck to confirm the causes of issues in your ride.

One of the reasons your skateboard turns to the opposite side could be bearing issues. How do you deal with bearing issues? Ensure you clean them regularly and maintain them.

Also, check if your decks could be warped. The warped deck makes your skateboard stable when riding. Fix the irregular wheel and keep riding.

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