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Why Does my Skateboard Wobble when I go Fast?

Why Does my Skateboard Wobble when I go Fast? I've put together a comprehensive guide to help you understand why your skateboard wobbles when you go fast.

Skateboarding is a freshening activity for you. Skating keeps you engaged and your mind fresh.

You might encounter some wobbling itches when riding at high speed. If your skateboard is wobbling, you are among the many affected riders.

You need to understand the cause of the wobble and fix it.

Why does my skateboard wobble when I go fast?

Your skateboard may wobble because of loose trucks, worn-out trucks, body weight displacement, wheelbase size, board mounting, and board ankle.

Either new or old skateboard can wobble at high speed. 

Keep following.

1. Loose Trucks

Skating for long distances might cause the loosening of trucks triggering skateboard wobbling.

Additionally, body weight contributes to loosening trucks. Pressure inserted daily causes nuts to move back and forth. Consequently, trucks loosen.

Take quick action when you realize wobbling problems. Delayed repair may lead to complete damage to the trucks.

The loose trucks can through you off-road hence causing an accident. You can fix trucks in three steps;

1. Use a wrench to tighten nuts clockwise to achieve a tighter feel

2. Loosen the truck in the opposite direction for a soft feel

3. Now, start tightening bit by bit until you achieve your right feel. Too much tightening might spoil the skateboard. Too much loosening might damage the skateboard too

Other than wobbling, loose trucks turn the opposite way when you ride on speed.

2. Worn-out Bushings

Bushings wear out due to long distant skating. When you race for a long distance, your weight exerts pressure on bushings.

If you don’t check your skateboard, the bushings will wear out unconsciously. The bushing might cause the skateboard to turn on itself.

The worn-out bushing also can be due to loose trucks. When trucks loosen, the bushings are exposed to wear and tear.

You can fix bushings by tightening the truck to prevent wearing out the bushings. If you need soft bushings, then your trucks must be tight.

Ensure you check your bushing regularly. If your bushings are not in good condition, you can repair them. You can also replace the old bushings.

3.  Wrong Body Weight Placement

Body weight displacement determines the position of your skateboard.

Your skateboard carries a lot of weight when you lean too much on your back.

Weight inserted leads to wheels’ quick turning hence wobbling.

However, you can learn how easy it is to skate for the purpose of knowing how to balance yourself.

However, there are two essential ways to fix wrong body weight placement;

  •  Avoid leaning so much at the back of your board: When your body moves backwards, your back foot carries more weight. The heavy weight on the back foot causes your skateboard to lose balance and wobble. Possibly you can slightly lean at the front to insert some extra weight. You should not carry yourself too much at the front foot.
  • Lower center of gravity: Lowering your center of gravity gives you control over skating. You can bend your legs and lower your body when riding.

4. Small Wheelbase

The wheelbase increases or decreases because of the relocation and movement of trucks.

Larger skateboard wheelbases are more stable than small skateboard wheelbases. The small wheelbase turns fast when riding at high speed.

If the small wheelbase can turn quickly, it can wobble easily.

You can increase the wheelbase if your skateboard is adjustable. But, if your skateboard has a small wheelbase, you can replace the skateboard.

5. Wrong Snowboard Choice

Manufacturers mount boards differently. One might manufacture highly mounted skateboards while another manufacture lowly mounted skateboards.

To avoid wobbling when going fast, choose a skateboard that corresponds with your height, and shoe size.

For instance, a tall rider requires a highly mounted skateboard and vice-versa.

The lowly mounted boards will help you learn if you are starting out. Don’t ride like a pro take your time to gain skills.

6. Stiffened Board Ankle

When skating fast, the board’s ankle might stiffen. This happens when nuts loosen. Remember riding fast cause friction to the bolts and nuts.

Tighten the loose nuts to fix the stiffened ankles. You need to regularly check the condition of your ankle and fix them to avoid extreme damage.

Why Does my Skateboard Wobble when I go Fast? Wrapping Up

Why does my skateboard wobble when I go fast? You already know that when your skateboard wobbles, you need to check your trucks and bushings.

Adjust your loose truck if they are too loose. Fix trucks’ nuts to your preference.

Moreover, your worn-out bushing cause wobbling when you go fast. The worn-out bushing can be repaired or replaced.

Balancing your body also determines whether your skateboard will wobble. So, avoid learning at the back foot as you move slightly at the foot front.

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