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Why Does Snowboard Size Matter?

Why does snowboard size matter? Read on to find out!

If you want to start a fun activity that will keep you in good shape, snowboarding is an ideal activity.

But, the size of your snowboard must be intact to keep you in control and enhance improvement.

You need snowboard sizes corresponding to your body weight, skills, riding style, and speed.

Why Does Snowboard Size Matter?

Why does snowboard size matter? Snowboard size matters because long snowboards help to support heavy weight while short snowboards help with maneuverability.

Snowboard size also influences ones riding style and snowboarding venue.

For example, freeriding needs long snowboards while freestylers require short snowboards. 

1. Long Snowboards Support Heavy Body Weight

When choosing a snowboard, you should consider your body weight. Long snowboards help riders with a heavyweight.

If your weight is light, there is also the right length for your board. You need a shorter board than the heavy-weighed body.

Initially, height determined the size of the snowboard to consider. You could stand on a board to choose the size that balance well with you.

It was assumed that your chin should be in contact with the snowboard for the ideal size. 

But, nowadays weight is essential when determining snowboard length.

Snowboards are manufactured with a specific amount of flex in mind. However, the weight of the rider influences the flex.

If your weight is heavier or lighter than the intended weight of the snowboard, it will not perform.

The snowboard will not fit the purpose it was intended for     

When your body weight corresponds with the length of your snowboard, you can control snowboard movements.

2. Short Snowboards for Beginners

If you are a new snowboarder, you need to learn in bits to understand the art of snowboarding.

Learning Snowboarding is a continuous process and it requires patience and the right snowboard size.

Snowboarding is hard, and that is why beginners must learn how to balance on board with short snowboards. 

Short snowboards facilitate easy maneuvering. You can easily turn inside or make any other movement with short snowboards.

The short snowboards encourage learners to explore different tricks without the fear to fall.

Experienced snowboarders use long snowboards because they know how to control the board even at high speed.

The standard length of the snowboard should be between 3cm and 5cm.

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3. Long Snowboards Work Well for Mountain Snowboarders

Mountain snowboarders are known as freeriders. They are freeriders because they are experienced and try all tricks on the slopes of mountains.

Mountain boards are designed to bear snow conditions and terrain. So, you only need to choose the right length for you.

If you want to freeride, you must have advanced skills and knowledge of different styles.

Avoid all distractions and focus to achieve your goals.

Long snowboards help riders control speed and enhance stability. The standard length should be between 1cm and 4cm.

4. Freestylers Need Short Snowboards

Why Does Snowboard Size Matter?

Freestyle riding has many definitions, and your perfect freestyle snowboard will vary depending on your riding style.

For example, you may have a lively ride and spend all day at the park hitting boxes and rails. You may like jumps and so on.

You might prefer your freestyle to be more extreme, with massive jumps and feats performed off of them.

You could also ride the pipe.

If you are a freestyler, you should be keen to choose the right snowboard size.

There are different board sizes designed for you to choose from. Your physical characteristics and your snowboarding styles determine the size of your snowboard.

Freestyle snowboards are often smaller in size than standard-length decks and have more flex.

The smaller size makes it easier to hurl the board around when performing feats.

A milder flex will also let you fine-tune your tricks for the perfect style. These boards are frequently constructed with a strong foundation and some hard edges to resist daily park-induced abuse.

5. Short Snowboards Enhance Control

Smaller snowboards are typically easier to maneuver because they allow you to make small turns.

Short snowboards will be easier to manage at modest speeds.

When picking a snowboard size for learners, the general rule is that the snowboard equal to the distance between your neck and your face.

The snowboard is held against your body when determining your perfect snowboard.

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