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Why is Snowboarding So Expensive?

Why is snowboarding so expensive? Snowboarding is an exciting winter hobby. But getting started can be a hassle because of the high cost involved. I cover in this guide why snowboarding is so expensive and how to go snowboarding on a budget. So, read on!

Like other skating sports, snowboarding is fun and has many health benefits.

Snowboarding is an excellent cardio exercise for burning excess calories in the body.

Snowboarding also works all body muscles, especially the lower body, strengthening muscles like quads and hamstrings.

It also improves flexibility and boosts mood.

Despite the many benefits of snowboarding, it has a high barrier to entry because of the high equipment cost.

I have you covered if you’d like to pick snowboarding as a new hobby but wonder why it’s so expensive.

I cover in this guide why snowboarding is so expensive and how to lower the cost of snowboarding when you’re on a budget.

You don’t want to miss out. So, read on!

Why is Snowboarding So Expensive?

Why is snowboarding so expensive? From experience and research, snowboarding is so expensive because you need between $1300 and $1500 for snowboarding gear, $20 and $500 for snowboarding training lessons, $900 and $1500 to facilitate a snowboarding trip, and $200 upwards for snowboard maintenance costs.

To sum it up, you’ll need between $2420 and $3500 for a stress-free snowboarding experience, which is relatively high compared to related sports like ice skating.

Below is a quick summary of snowboarding-related costs.

Snowboarding gear$1300-1500
Snowboarding training lessons$20-500
Snowboarding trip$900-1500
Snowboard maintenance costs$200 upwards

But this is only the scratch on the surface. Below, I break down what makes snowboarding so expensive.

1. Snowboarding Gear

Acquiring new snowboarding gear can be costly, especially when buying new gear.

It’ll cost you between $1300 and $1500 to get a complete snowboarding set.

What’s included in complete snowboarding gear, you ask? Let’s find out below!


A snowboard is the primary expense of snowboarding since it’s the main gear.

A decent snowboard will cost a minimum of $300. There’s no upper limit for the best snowboard. So, it depends on the brand and retailer.

So, you’ll likely pay more depending on the brand, snowboard type, and retailer. The mode of shopping also affects the price.

For example, shopping online can be costly because the shipping cost is added to the total cost. The primary snowboard types include;

  • All-mountain for any terrain.
  • Freestyle for the park.
  • Freeride for ungroomed snow in any terrain.
  • Powder for deep powder snow.
  • Split board for the backcountry.

Spending a minimum of $300 for a decent snowboard sounds like a lot.

You’re probably wondering why snowboards can be that expensive. Below is a quick rundown.

  • High construction costs
  • Popular brands charge high prices
  • Type of material used
  • Snowboard design
  • High retail costs
  • Snowboard layering
  • Research and development

Snowboard Boots

Besides snowboards, snowboard boots can also be pricey.

Depending on boot type and other factors, decent snowboard boots cost between $100 and $300.

The primary snowboard boot types include;

  • Beginner boots– relatively cheap and meant for newbies.
  • Freestyle boots–relatively cheap and meant for intermediate and pro snowboarders.
  • All mountain boots–slightly costly.
  • Freeride boots–slightly costly.

Lastly, snowboard boots can be expensive because of their size.

Large snowboard boots require a lot of material, increasing the cost of production.

Snowboard Bindings

Snowboard bindings are also relatively costly. A decent pair costs $100 or higher.

The primary snowboard binding types are; Two-Strap, Rear Entry, and Step On.

  • Two-Strap bindings–these are the standard snowboard bindings since time immemorial. They’re easy to use, secure, and responsive.
  • Rear Entry bindings–these have a high back and a strap at the ankle or toe.
  • Step On® bindings–these are unique to only Burton. They work best with Step On® compatible snowboard boots. They’re also the lightest and the fastest of all snowboard bindings. They’re priced at between $284.95 and $299.95.

Snow Goggles

Goggles are crucial for snowboarding.

While you can try snowboarding without them, it’s often a bad idea to go in that direction.

Snowboarders need to wear goggles to protect their eyes from the sun’s glare on the snow.

Decent snow goggles prices start at $100. But you can get more expensive goggles, depending on your budget.

Snow google types are based on shape and lens type. Based on these categorizations, you can shop for either of these goggles types.

  • Cylindrical snowboard goggles
  • Spherical snowboard goggles
  • Small frame goggles
  • Medium frame goggles
  • Large frame goggles


A snowboarding jacket is a necessity more than a luxury. You need one to protect yourself from the cold and snow in case you fall.

Decent snowboarding jackets fall in the range of between $50 and $200. The higher the price, the better features a jacket has.

Snowboarding jackets are expensive since they’re specifically meant for snowboarding.

They feature unique technology, making them suitable for winter conditions.

The right jacket for snowboarding is light enough to allow free movement and maneuverability without compromising your safety.

It should repel water to keep you dry. You last want to get wet while snowboarding because it can ruin the fun.

While getting wet is inevitable while snowboarding, you can avoid it by wearing a waterproof snowboard jacket.

Snowboard jackets are also breathable to allow sweat to drain off.

This way, your body remains insulated from the ice-cold mountain temperature.

Snowboarding Pants

Snowboarding pants are crucial since they keep the body warm and protect it when you fall. They need to be high-quality to serve the purpose.

Snowboarding pants cost between $100 and $300. This is only the average price.

Some snowboard pants cost more than $300, especially high-end pants.

The basic features of snowboarding pants are waterproof and breathability.

Besides these, some pants have additional features like straps and gators, which increase the price.


While you may think any glove would be okay for snowboarding, nothing can be far from the truth.

You need special gloves for snowboarding since no random gloves can cut it.

Snowboard gloves are multi-purpose. They don’t only keep your hands warm.

You can also use them to push yourself off the ground while starting to snowboard.

They see so much wear and tear. So, getting a low-quality pair would serve you no good.

The right quality snowboarding gloves cost between $50 and $125.

There are two types of gloves based on material–leather and synthetic.

Leather gloves are more expensive than synthetic gloves since they’re sturdier and more durable.


Falling is inevitable when snowboarding, and the worst that can happen is suffering a head injury.

Your best shot at protecting your head from head injuries is wearing a high-quality snowboarding helmet.

Snowboard helmet prices start at $50, but there are more expensive ones, depending on the quality, brand, and material.

At no point should you want to use random helmets for snowboarding. Instead, you should only use ones certified by relevant authorities.

According to a Salomon report, the appropriate snowboarding helmets should conform with standard CE-EN1077 (European standard) or ASTM F-2040 (North American standard).

These helmets are guaranteed to offer a basic level of protection, regardless of construction.

You need this assurance before going to snowboard.

Thermal shirts and Pants

Thermal shirts and pants are commonly known as base layers.

They’re primarily meant to wick away sweat while snowboarding to keep the body warm.

Thermal shirts can be synthetic or cotton. Synthetic base layers are preferred since they serve their purpose well.

On the contrary, cotton base layers can absorb sweat, beating the logic of wearing a base layer.

Base layer garments are priced at $50 and higher depending on quality, weight, size, and type.

You’ll pay more for high-quality thermal shirts and pants.

A Pair of Socks

A pair of socks are crucial for any snowboarding adventure. You need them for comfort and for your snowboarding boots to fit properly.

It’s recommended to first buy the right pair of snowboarding socks before buying the boots.

This way, you can test them on the new boots before making a purchase decision.

Snowboarding socks are priced from $10, but these are usually less reliable.

Nice socks cost $50 upwards. They’re either wool or synthetic material and sturdier for longevity.

2. Snowboarding Training Lessons

Snowboarding lessons are necessary when you are a complete newbie.

Snowboarding is fun but risky when you don’t know what you’re doing. This is why training lessons go a long way.

Snowboarding lessons are either group or private. So, you can opt for either, depending on your preference.

Importantly, private lessons are expensive and can cost up to $500.

On the contrary, group lessons are more affordable and start at $20.

Often, most resorts combine training and equipment fees for people who want to rent snowboarding gear.

3. Snowboarding Trip

A snowboarding trip to the mountains isn’t complete without planning for transport, accommodation, food, and drink, and lift tickets.

Accommodation is necessary if you plan to stay in the snowboarding mountains for several days.

You can opt for a hotel or Airbnb, which costs money depending on how long your stay is.

Hotel and Airbnb costs also vary depending on the season.

You should expect to spend between $300 and $1500, depending on how long you plan to stay at a hotel or Airbnb.

This is a seven-day’s average for a single person charged at an average of $50 per night.

Food and drinks are another crucial consideration since you can’t starve yourself for the days you’ll be on the snowboarding mountain.

You should budget at least $100 per day on food for the period you’re away.

Transport to the snowboarding resort can also be costly, especially when moving from one state to another or when you have to drive long distances.

Lastly, lift tickets are compulsory whether you’ll use them or not. They’re your pass o access the snowboarding resort.

The fees vary depending on the season.

Lift tickets normally cost between $50 and $100, and you can buy them as single-day, half-day, and multi-day.

While some resorts don’t charge children, others only charge a small fee.

4. Snowboard Maintenance Costs

Snowboard maintenance is crucial for exemplary performance.

For example, occasionally, you’ll need to attend to issues like sticky snowboard bindings.

Other snowboard maintenance needs include;

  • Full Tune–$85.
  • Sharpen, Wax, and Glide–$55.
  • Debur and Wax–$30.
  • Hot Wax–$20.
  • Wax–$10.
  • Wield (per inch)–$10.

You should spend at least $200 or more on snowboard maintenance.

How to Snowboard on a Budget

Snowboarding is an expensive hobby, and there’s no doubt. But this doesn’t mean you can’t do snowboarding on a budget.

Below, I cover how you can snowboard on a budget!

  • Buy your equipment if you plan to snowboard in the long term.
  • Buy equipment during the off-season when prices are low.
  • Look for lucrative deals, offers, coupons, and discounts when shopping for snowboarding equipment.
  • Buy used snowboarding equipment still in good condition.
  • Rent snowboard equipment if you don’t plan to do it for a long time.
  • Rent from other snowboard equipment dealers and not at the resort. They tend to hike prices.
  • Opt for group lessons instead of private lessons.
  • Prepare and carry food from home, especially if you don’t plan to stay at the resort for more than a day.
  • Snowboard locally in the beginning.
  • Snowboard during the off-season. Avoid peak seasons like Christmas and new year.
  • Share hotel rooms for two or more people to save accommodation costs.

Why is Snowboarding So Expensive? FAQs

1. Is snowboarding more expensive than skiing?

Snowboarding isn’t as expensive as skiing. Skiing equipment often costs twice as much as snowboarding equipment. So, expect to pay more for your ski bindings and boots.

2. Is snowboarding for the rich?

Snowboarding is an expensive sport; only the rich can sustain the high cost in the long run. On average, decent snowboarding gear costs $1300.

Other costs include snowboarding resort entry fees, maintenance, training, travel, lodging, and food.

3. How much should I spend on my first snowboard?

A decent new snowboard for beginners costs between $300 and $500. But you can still get a used one at a slightly lower price.

You’ll want to ascertain the quality of a used snowboard to ensure you aren’t throwing away your hard-earned money.

4. Is snowboarding an expensive hobby?

No doubt, snowboarding is an expensive hobby. First, you need a lift ticket, whether you’ll use it or not. One costs between $60 and $200, depending on the resort and time of the year.

Buying a new snowboarding gear will cost you approximately $1300 while renting a snowboard costs approximately $50 daily.

Travel, lodging, and food cost at least $150 per day. Sum all these up, and you’ll realize how snowboarding is such an expensive hobby.

5. How hard is it to snowboard?

Snowboarding requires physical strength and courage since it uses all body muscles, especially in the lower body.

You also need to learn how to balance, slow down, or stop snowboarding at high speed.

Why is Snowboarding So Expensive? Final Thoughts

Why is snowboarding so expensive? Snowboarding is expensive because buying or renting snowboarding gear costs so much.

Buying lift tickets and catering for your transport, lodging, and food also cost so much.

You’ll need sufficient savings to take snowboarding as a hobby, especially when you aren’t wealthy. That’s it. I hope you found this guide helpful!

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