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Why is Snowboarding so Hard?

Why is snowboarding so hard? You may be finding it hard to learn snowboarding due to several reasons. Take time on this article to know what plagues the whole process and how to unlock your capabilities.

Snowboarding is a fun sport for anyone who wants to be active during winter.

Indeed, it’s a heart-healthy exercise that contributes to burning calories, strengthening body muscles, and increasing body flexibility and coordination.

Also, you will improve your mental health. But remember, becoming an expert in snowboarding is not a one-day thing.

You must be patient enough. Besides, snowboarding requires one to have balance and coordination while on the snowy downhill-which is hard for any beginner.

We all know it can be frustrating always to fall while trying to gain balance on the snowboard.

So “why is snowboarding so hard? This post highlights the reasons why snowboarding is hard.

Why Is Snowboarding So Hard?

Why is snowboarding so hard? Snowboarding can be so hard because of a lack of professional snowboarding lessons, snowboarding alone as a beginner, not being patient, lack of strength for snowboarding, fear, and not wearing the most suitable snowboarding gear and clothing.

Below, we explore the reasons why snowboarding can be so hard.

1. Lack of Proper Snowboarding Training

If you want to avoid challenges when snowboarding, finding a professional snowboarding instructor is advantageous.

Several organizations train snowboarding, but still, you can consider individual lessons. 

Undoubtedly, taking private lessons is advantageous as you will take a few days to master everything.

Though expensive, a private instructor will take more time on you to ensure you capture everything. 

If you find it costly to take up the lessons, you can request your friend who has been snowboarding for the longest time to take you through.

Remember, not every person who knows how to snowboard can be a trainer; you need one who has captured every technique.

The crucial snowboarding techniques that you must master are;

  • Balancing while on the snowboard
  • Taking turns when riding down the slopes
  • Falling and rising techniques
  • Snowboarding on Moghuls
  • Side-slipping
  • Choosing an edge

The benefit of engaging an experienced snowboarding instructor is that you will gain enough knowledge about snowboarding.

Again, you will never have balancing and movement issues. Eventually, you will feel the joy of snowboarding.

2. Not Being Patient

Snowboarding is different from skating, wakeboarding, and skiing.

However, it’s a unique sport that requires balancing and coordination.

And so, it is wise to take time and learn the basics while practicing.

Never be in haste when learning how to snowboard.

You can take two to three days to learn snowboarding, but you still need more days to practice. This depends on how focused you are.

The results will be overwhelming if you take the hurdles with courage. After a while, you will realize how fun it is to snowboard as an expert.

Nevertheless, it is advantageous to be patient to capture every snowboarding technique.

Sure, you will avoid making some mistakes that can lead to a fall or whiplash.

3. Lack of Enough Strength For Snowboarding

You must be physically fit if you want to try snowboarding. This sport is tiring as you will be physically engaged throughout the day. 

It would help if you had lower strength to keep balance when snowboarding.

And so, your leg muscles must have enough strength to keep you on the board.

Again, upper body strength is essential when moving on the snow as you will be required to push yourself forward.

So, exercising before heading to the snowy slopes is vital. Some of the exercises that can increase snowboarding strength are;

  • Squads
  • Single leg stands
  • Jumping lunge
  • Chair dip
  • Burpee
  • Jumping squat

The experience will be great with a flexible and energetic body when riding down the snowy surfaces.

4. Fear When Snowboarding

When learning snowboarding, it is wise to put all worries aside. It’s a common thing for beginners, and it’s understandable.

But, it is beneficial to gain courage and beat all the concerns if you want to enjoy snowboarding while learning.

Some people learn snowboarding within a day, and if you are not one of them, take courage and learn at your pace.

Fear can affect you mentally, so you must be keen not to waste time and energy but focus on becoming a professional snowboarder.

Always think about giving the best, and you will never find the stressful part of snowboarding.

5. Not Having the Right Gear and Clothing.

Snowboarding is a winter sport, so you must be prepared to keep yourself warm.

You may not endure snowboarding without wearing the proper clothing.  

For the clothing, you must have several layers; the base layer keeps you dry, the mid layer keeps you warm, and the outer layer breaks the wind when riding at high speed. Buy warm socks and mittens for your hands.

Still, you can go for baggy clothes to have enough space for the layers. Regarding the gear, you need to buy a snowboard, helmet, appropriate boots, and bindings.

This is what will determine a hard or easy day on the slopes. Always ensure the clothing and gear fits you well.

Never hire or borrow snowboarding gear or clothing, as they may not fit you well when starting.

Having the right gear and clothes ensures you are well insulated and protected.

For sure, you will never have a challenge when snowboarding.

6. Practicing Snowboarding Alone

When trying snowboarding, it is not advisable to go riding alone. The day can be hectic because anything can happen. And due to this, you may find snowboarding to be very hard.

So, you can consider going with your partner, instructor or one of your friends.

You need someone to check on you in case of trouble. Before you become an expert, you must play safe.

Hitting the slopes with someone else gives you more courage and a feeling of love.

Also, you are guaranteed safety as your partner will be fast to help you.

7. Strapping In While Standing

Fastening your feet to the snowboard should be done while sitting down. Some snowboarders do this while standing which is a mistake.

You must sit down, hold it with one hand, and have your board in the middle. Then, with your other hand, pull yourself off the floor.

Through this, it will be hard for you to fall as you will keep balance.

8. Falling Multiple Times

Falling while snowboarding can be frustrating to any snowboarder. This makes the whole activity hard.

Though falling is normal, it is necessary to work on maintaining balance and coordination while on the snowboard.  

Don’t act as a pro while learning, as you will make the process harder.

In case of a fall, rise with courage and understanding falling is part of learning.

But, always focus your eyes on navigating through the slopes slowly.

Why Is Snowboarding So Hard? Final Thoughts

Learning snowboarding is not that easy. Apart from it being an expensive sport, it can take some time for you to master all the snowboarding techniques.

Due to this, many newbies find it hard to cope with this activity. 

And why is snowboarding so hard? It can be hard if you are not fully focused on becoming a professional snowboarder.

Be patient and take the necessary snowboarding lessons-you will enjoy the many health benefits.

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