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Do Snowboards Come Pre-Waxed?

Do Snowboards Come Pre-Waxed? As a newbie, having a blunt snowboard or not knowing if your snowboard will come pre-waxed can be intimidating—another reason I'm here to save you time by covering the details in this tutorial. Continue reading.

Snowboards are waxed regularly to improve performance and make them more receptive to your riding style. 

Waxing your board also aids speed by allowing you to glide effortlessly across the snow.

An adequately waxed snowboard will be more enjoyable to ride and produce more glides, resulting in better runs. 

You will also use fewer muscles, minimizing muscle injuries and muscle fatigue.

A properly waxed snowboard increases overall board performance, allowing you to maximize your snowboarding experience.

When it comes to snowboard waxing, there is a lot to learn. 

I have put up this guide with answers to your question about whether snowboards come pre-waxed. Let’s get going!

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Do Snowboards Come Pre-Waxed?

Do snowboards come pre-waxed? Snowboards come pre-waxed with what is known as factory wax. A factory wax is not heavily waxed but rather a light rub-on or spray wax. This leaves you with the option of deciding how much or not to wax your snowboard.

What is Factory Wax?  

A factory wax is a brand’s spray wax applied to a board. The factory does a little rub-on or short-wax treatment before they can sell their snowboards. 

The quality of factory wax can vary between brands and models, even within the same company. 

Different levels of factory wax are possible, for example, between an entry-level board and a high-end model. 

Although the factory wax is sufficient to ride your snowboard for the first time after purchase, you can go on to wax your board to your liking. 

The factory wax is applied to help protect the base of your snowboard during shipping.

One downside of factory wax is that some do not have hot wax quality. 

Hot waxing is smoothing down your wax drops on the board into a thinner layer using an iron wax.

How Long Does Factory Wax Last On a Snowboard?

The lifespan of factory wax on a snowboard is determined by several factors listed below.

  • The type of base material: Sintered and extruded are two types of base materials. Extruded bases tend to lose wax more quickly than sintered bases.
  • Quality of the factory wax, e.g., hot wax. How quickly your board wax wears down depends on the factory wax used between hot wax and a rub-on. Hot wax will last longer than a rub-on(only slightly waxed).
  • Type of mountain terrain or conditions, e.g., groomed runs, backcountry, powder, park, and pipe. Mountain conditions, such as backcountry or park, are one of the harshest conditions that can wear off your factory wax quickly.
  • Time spent on the board: The lifespan of the factory wax on your snowboard depends on how much time you spend riding. The wax will wear off quickly if you snowboard frequently.
  • Type of riding style, e.g., All mountain, park/freestyle, powder, and freeride. The aggressive nature of all-mountain and freestyle riding can wear out your factory wax quickly. Similarly, a freeride ride will quickly degrade your factory wax since it involves many tricks and jumps, which calls for extensive use of the snowboard base. Likewise, riding too much in the powder will quickly wear off your factory wax.

Why Wax Your Snowboard?

Snowboards perform better when they glide more and have less friction.

The best and easiest way to achieve this is by regularly waxing your snowboard bases. 

Waxing your snowboard improves its glide and allows you to ride faster across the snow. 

With a well-waxed snowboard, you can approach park conditions from a closer distance without worrying about board wear

This prevents your snowboard from drying up and wearing out faster and makes it more difficult to get stuck on flat terrain

Furthermore, if you want optimal performance from your board, you should wax it every couple of days after riding.

This is because the wax typically goes off after a couple of days, between 3-7 days of riding.

When To Wax Your Snowboard

The frequency with which you wax your board is determined by the type of snowboarder you are. 

If you are an avid snowboarder who climbs the slopes daily, you can wax your board frequently; this also applies to snowboard racers.

You don’t need to wax your snowboard regularly if you just go snowboarding once a year.

It’s a good idea to apply a layer of wax to your board before storing it over the summer.

This helps to preserve your bases from oxidizing. Other factors to consider include 

  • If you don’t like the quality of the factory wax that comes with your snowboard.
  • It has been a long time since you waxed it.
  • Your board has become less responsive and moves more slowly than usual.
  • If you’ll be riding in spring or slush conditions.
  • You notice some tiny dents and scratches.

Consequences of Not Waxing Your Snowboard

If you don’t wax your board, you’ll have a terrible time on the hill and won’t be able to enjoy discovering the mountain’s various stunning terrains. 

You cannot ride faster, and you will frequently become stuck in hardpacked snow and ice.

Your board will be less protected against rough or aggressive riding terrain. 

This increases the risk of rust, wear, and damage. Snow has stones and sticks lying on it, which causes scratches and dents on your board.

Pushing through the snow will require a lot of force. Non-waxed boards are less responsive, requiring you to use more of your muscles to engage your board and make it adapt to your riding style. 

This puts strain on your muscles, which causes muscle fatigue.

How to Wax Your Snowboard

Everyone has a different method for waxing a snowboard. However, some general guidelines must be observed. You will need the following items to wax your board properly.

It is also necessary to have a base cleaner and base repair.

To prepare your board for waxing, you can set up a regular raised setup to place it. Below are steps to follow;

Step 1: Remove Wax or Debris

Before you begin waxing your snowboard, ensure there is no previous wax or debris.

To test this, run your wax cleaner around your base and wipe it clean. Make sure the snowboard is also dry.

Step 2: Use Wax Iron to Warm Your Base

You need to warm up your base for your wax to stick better. Hold the wax on the iron and let it drop onto the board. Ensure that the board is completely covered in wax. 

Step 3: Spread the Wax Evenly for a 100% Coverage

Spread the wax evenly across the board, ensuring it has 100% wax coverage.

Move the iron longitudinally up and down the board to properly distribute the wax because that is the direction of movement. 

Step 4: Remove Possible Bumps

Take your scraper and run it longitudinally along the board. This helps to avoid little bumps on the board.

Step 5: Final Touches

Finally, run your brush along the bottom of the board in the same direction. This will take about 5 to 20 minutes of your time. 

It is recommended, but not required, to remove your binding. Taking the binding off during waxing results in a smoother, more consistent finish with less work.

Do Snowboards Come Pre-Waxed? | Conclusion

Do snowboards come pre-waxed? Snowboards are waxed before leaving the factory. The pre-wax protects the board during shipment. 

Factory wax varies by company, but it’s sufficient to ride the board for the first time with factory wax.

How frequently you wax your board is determined by how often you hit the slopes.

That wraps up the guide; I hope you found it helpful. Get the most out of your snowboard by waxing it properly and maximizing your slope experience!

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