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How much are Ice Skating Lessons? The Ultimate Guide

How much are ice skating lessons? If you’re thinking of starting ice skating lessons and wondering how much it would cost, you’re in the right place. So, read on to find out.

How much are ice skating lessons? When getting started in ice skating, it’s okay not to know how much the lessons would cost you. Nonetheless, you can often research by asking around. After research, I’ve put together a detailed response to answer your burning question.

Ice skating lessons cost a fixed price of between $49 and $150 for a series of lessons. Some trainers charge an hourly rate of between $5 and $200, with an average of $44 per hour. If you’re using an indoor ice rink, you should factor in another cost of between $5-$30 per hour per week for rink admission and skate rental.

Overall, ice skating lessons cost vary depending on different factors such as:

  • Ice skating disciplines like figure skating, speed skating, hockey skating, and recreational skating.
  • Lesson frequency, i.e., one time or series of lessons.
  • Skate rental.
  • Rink admission.
  • Type of lesson, i.e., amateur or professional.
  • Age, i.e., children or adults.
  • Nature of lessons, i.e., Private or group.
  • Fixed or Hourly Charges.
  • Your location and trainer expenses.

How much are Ice Skating Lessons?

However, this is only the tip of the iceberg. In the rest of this post, I’ll go deeper into the factors influencing the cost of ice skating lessons. So, let’s get to it!

1. Ice skating disciplines

The predominant ice skating disciplines are figure skating, ice hockey, recreational ice skating, ice speed skating. These disciplines vary in technique and complexity. So the lessons will cost differently.

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Figure Skating

How much are ice skating lessons?

Based on the national average from different ice skating trainers, figure skating lessons cost between $5 and $200 per hourly session, with an average of $ 44. It’s recommended to have at least one or two lessons weekly if you want to flatten your learning curve.

This session should last anywhere between 20 minutes to one hour. In addition, some trainers charge a fixed rate of between $49 and $150 for a series of lessons. Most trainers hold a 6-12 weeks lesson series, but this varies with the trainer and the course arrangement.

Some people prefer the hourly arrangements while others prefer the fixed price arrangement of lessons spanning several weeks. Everyone has a reason for going with either option. If you’re tone in between what arrangement to go for, here’s what to do:

Series of ice skating lessons with a fixed cost is best for people who can stick to a routine. On the other hand, the hourly sessions are best for people with fixed schedules who don’t have time for many lesson commitments.

The bottom line is, choose either of these options depending on your budget and availability and run with it. At the end of it all, your focus should be on the goal—learning figure skating.

That being said, there are figure skating techniques you should learn at every stage of your learning—from a novice to an experienced figure skater. Beginner figure skaters should first learn the basic techniques like spins, jumps, and choreography before jumping to specialized figure skating disciplines.

Therefore, you can take specialized classes in the free skate, ice dance, pairs, artistry in motion, theatre on ice, synchronized skating, and axel club as you gain more experience

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Ice Hockey Skating

How much are ice skating lessons?

Ice hockey trainers charge differently based on the hour or fixed pricing for a series of lessons like figure skating. According to the national average, ice hockey lessons cost an average of $44 per hourly session. The typical range is between $5 and $200 per hourly session.

That being said, some trainers charge fixed prices depending on the number of lessons. Therefore, for a 6-12 weeks lesson series, you should expect to pay anywhere between $49 and $150. So, depending on your availability and budget, you can always go for either lesson.

The right ice hockey lessons should take you on a step-by-step journey from beginner stuff to more advanced stuff. Some of the techniques you should expect to learn to include hockey stance, knee bend, puck control, and hockey strides.

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Recreational Ice Skating

How much are ice skating lessons?

Recreational ice skating lessons cost less than other ice skating disciplines considering it’s a non-commercial form of ice skating. How do I mean, you ask? Recreational ice skating is mainly done for pleasure and fun, meaning the basic skating skills can suffice.

Nonetheless, if you want to advance, you can still take more lessons to improve your ice skating skills. In addition, you’ll need 1-2 lessons per week, each lasting between 30 minutes and one hour, to make significant progress.

That being said, the sessions will cost you an average hourly rate of $44. However, the typical cost ranges between $5 and $200 depending on many factors like your trainer. The fixed cost is usually between $49 and $150, depending on the lesson series and the duration.

When starting, expect to learn beginner stuff like the recommended skating position and more advanced stuff like the different stopping techniques.

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Ice speed skating

Ice speed skating is done for competitive reasons, meaning a lot of training and learning goes into play. Often, it would help if you learned the basics of ice skating straight, from the recommended skating position to body coordination and learning your stops.

Also, speed skating requires a lot of muscle endurance since you spend most of the time bent down while going around short and long trucks. Therefore, this also means you need many off-skate, aka dry land exercises, to get your system accustomed to speed skating.

You can take series of lessons, all paid once or in installments or one-time random lessons. However, the former option is recommended to learn quickly and hopefully get into competitive ice speed skating.

Depending on the series and duration, fixed-priced speed skating lessons usually cost between $49 and $150. The most curriculum lasts between 6-12 weeks. However, the soft spot is often eight weeks.

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Factors affecting the Cost of ice Skating Lessons

You already know how much the different ice skating discipline lessons cost. Let’s look at what influences the variation in cost from one place to another.

2. Lesson Frequency

There are two options to consider—organized hourly sessions or organized fixed sessions running into weeks. Each hourly lesson lasts a minimum of 20-30 minutes with a maximum of two hours. The more hours you skate, the more you should expect to pay.

Also, if you’re doing fixed sessions of six weeks, you may end up spending more on the lessons if you decide to extend the duration to eight or 12 weeks.

3. Skate Rental

Renting a skate costs between $3 and $20, depending on the skate owners. So, if you don’t have your own yet, you should factor this cost into the overall lesson cost.

4. Ice Skating Rink Admission

Ice skating rink admissions cost between $5 and $30 per hour per week. If you’re doing more than an hour session, it could cost you more than this, so it’s advisable to keep it in mind. Also, some rinks offer free skates as part of this package. This can help you save on skate rental costs.

5. Type of Lesson, i.e., Amateur or Professional

Amateur lessons may cost less than professional lessons because of the differences in monetary value. Also, amateur ice skaters engage in the sport for fun, unlike professional ice skaters, meaning there’s not much stake involved.

For example, figure skating, playing hockey, and ice speed skating are professional ice skating disciplines, meaning they can be costly to learn. On the other hand, recreational ice skating is done for fun and health reasons. Since it’s not competitive, lessons aren’t so costly as well.

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6. Age, i.e., children or adults

Children’s lessons aren’t so demanding, considering they’re taught less advanced tricks. Therefore, children’s lessons cost significantly less than adult lessons. As an adult, you should expect to pay more for the lessons, especially for the fixed lessons done in a series of classes.

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7. Nature of lessons, i.e., private or group

Private lessons cost more than group lessons because you’re getting the trainer’s full attention. Besides that, private lessons flatten your learning curve, and you acquire new skills at record speed. If you have the funds, hiring a private trainer can move the needle for you.

However, if you’re on a budget, group lessons can be a good fit, only that you may take longer to learn the ropes of ice skating.

8. Fixed or Hourly Charges

Fixed classes are more demanding, meaning once you sign up, you’ll have to stick to a regular 6-12 weeks schedule. This series of classes cost between $49 and $ 150. On the other hand, hourly classes are less demanding and best for people with tight schedules.

This gives the learner the option to plugin for the lessons when they have free time. The lessons usually cost between $5 and $30 per hour per week.

9. Your location and trainer expenses

The location adds expense to the overall skating lesson, especially when the trainer has to travel long distances to where you are. This adds an extra expense to them, and they may compensate for this by charging an extra cost in the overall lesson cost.

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How much are Ice Skating Lessons? Wrapping Up

How much are ice skating lessons? Ice skating lessons cost anywhere between $49 and $150 for fixed series of classes lasting between six and 12 weeks. On the other hand, hourly charges cost between $5 and $200, with an average of $44.

Lastly, skate rentals cost between $3 and $20, while the rink admission fee is anywhere between $5 and $30 per hour per week. I hope you found this post helpful!

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