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How much are Ice Skating Shoes?

How much are ice skating shoes? If you’re looking to shop for new ice skating shoes, you’ve come to the right place. So, read on to find out more!

How much are ice skating shoes? Most likely, you’re new to ice skating and looking to buy your first ice skating shoes. So, from research and personal experience, I’ve put together a comprehensive answer to respond to your question.

Ice skating shoes cost anywhere between $29.60 and $799.95, depending on ice skating disciplines, different ice skates shoe brands, skate size, and level of skating. Recreational skates cost between $36.39 and $350; figure skates cost between $50 and $799.95; hockey skates cost between $99.95 and $350, while speed skates cost between $29.60 and $350.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. In the rest of this post, you’ll discover how the different factors come into play to influence the variation in the price of ice skating shoes. So, you don’t want to miss out on this. Let’s get to it!

How much are Ice Skating Shoes {And what causes the Variation}

Like we’ve already seen, ice skating shoes cost anywhere between $29.60 and $799.95. So, let’s break this down to understand how different factors come into play.

Ice Skating Disciplines

Ice skating is a sport with over ten disciplines. However, the main disciplines are figure skating, recreational skating, hockey skating, and speed skating. Out of the four, only recreational skating is done mainly for fun. The rest can be commercialized into competitive sports.

That being said, each ice skating discipline uses special ice skates designed for it. For example, figure skating involves performing tricks, jumps, and spins. Therefore, the ice skates have a saw-toothed toe-rake, concave blades, and sturdy leather material.

Lastly, men’s figure skating shoes are traditionally black, while women’s figure skating shoes are white. Therefore, if you’re shopping for figure skating boots, they’ll cost you anywhere between $50 and $799.95.

Speed skating shoes have a long, thin, and slightly upward curved blade around the toe area. Ice speed skating boots are lightweight and low cut for swift movement on the racing tracks. That being said, speed skates shoes cost anywhere between $29.60 and $350.  

Hockey skates are made of sturdy material and are lightweight, considering the constant motion. Players have to skate back and forth to score or defend their goal post. So, it makes sense that the skates are lightweight and sturdy for enhanced movement. The average cost of hockey skates shoes is anywhere between $99.95 and $350.

Recreational skates are primarily used for fun and leisure skating. Since there’s no monetary or competitive value attached to them, they cost pretty little. That being said, recreational skates shoes cost anywhere between $36.39 and $350. The majority of recreational skates are found on the lower spectrum of the pricing index.

If you’re looking to rent ice skating shoes instead of buying your own, that’s also a possibility. Most ice skating rinks rent out skates at an hourly cost of anywhere between $5 and $20.

On the other hand, some include the cost of renting skating shoes in the rink admission fees. On average, this will cost you anywhere between $5 and $30 per hour per week.

Ice skating Shoe Brands

There are different ice skating shoe brands on the market. While some only serve a limited geographical area, others have outlets distributed all over the world. The typical ice skating shoes brands are Jackson Ultima, Botas, Lake Placid, American athletic, Rollerblade Inc., and Roces.

Other notable brands are Harlick, Riedell, Edea, and John Wilson. Different brands use different technologies to make ice skating shoes. For example, some use shock absorption technology and heat-moldable technology.

The innovation used when designing these ice skates add to the cost of production, eventually affecting the price of different ice skates on the market. So, when you see either of these technologies in their product description, expect the price to go up.

Alternatively, if you’re after a specific technology like customizable ice skating shoes, you should expect to pay a little more. From this list, Rollerblade Inc. is a trustworthy brand worldwide, so that you can trust its products. Also, Jackson Ultima and Roces are super dope brands.

Skate Size

Size goes together with age. Generally, children’s ice skating shoes will cost less than adult’s ice skating shoes. Therefore, children’s ice skating boots tend to lean more on the lower end of the $29.60 and $799.95 range. Again, this depends on other considerations like brand and ice skating discipline.

Level of Skating

The cost of ice skating shoes also varies based on the level of skating. Generally, Pro ice skating shoes and Elite ice skating shoes cost more than amateur ice skating boosts. Therefore, their price range is the upper side of the $29.60 and $799.95 range.

Most beginner ice skaters use beginner, and low-priced skating shoes, then upgrade to more advanced ice skating shoes after getting the basics right. As a complete beginner, it’s recommended that you also take that route because it’ll help you save a lot of money.

Where can I buy Ice Skating Shoes?

But where can I buy ice skating shoes, you ask? You can buy ice skating shoes online from e-commerce stores or offline from your local sports store. Either option has pros and cons, so it’s better to tread carefully.

Remember to check online reviews, return policy, delivery window, skating shoe quality, and price range for different skates. Many times, high price doesn’t equate to quality. So, be careful not to fall into this trap.

That being said, you can buy ice skating shoes on Amazon, E-bay, Walmart, Ali Express, Etsy, Target, Lowes, and Best Buy. These are online ecommerce stores that serve the US and international market. Depending on where you are, you can go for either option.

What Size Ice Skate do I need?

Experts recommend you wear ice skates that are 1-1.5 sizes smaller than your regular shoes. The logic behind this is that your size of street shoes doesn’t match ice skating shoes. When shopping for ice skating shoes, this is what you need to consider in case you’re comparing the size with your street shoes.

In addition, the skating shoes need to be a snug fit—neither too tight nor too loose. You need this to prevent discomfort while skating and other ice skating-related dangers like blisters, muscle soreness, and breaking your ankles.

How much are Ice Skating Shoes? Wrapping Up

Ice skating shoes cost anywhere between $29.60 and $799.95 depending on the type of ice skating discipline, ice skating shoe brands, skate size, and the level of skating.

That’s it, and I hope you found this guide helpful. Good luck, mate!

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