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Why Does My Skateboard Keep Stopping?

Why does my skateboard keep stopping? It can be frustrating when your skateboard starts to stop right when you're about to make that big jump. But don't worry! This blog will tell you everything you need to know about why your board may be stopping and how to fix it.

Why does my skateboard keep stopping? Skateboarding can be a fun, exhilarating experience – if your board stays put.

Unfortunately, for many boarders, their board stops mid-ride, frustrating them and causing them to lose precious time.

If you’re experiencing this issue, there are a few things that could be wrong with your board.

l elaborate on the possible causes of skateboard stoppages, and provide tips on how to solve them.

Why Does My Skateboard Keep Stopping?

Why does my skateboard keep stopping? Your skateboard keeps stopping because of one or more of the following reasons;

  • Too Tight Skateboard Wheels
  • Dirty Skateboard Wheels
  • Soft Skateboard Wheels
  • Faulty Skateboard Trucks
  • Low-quality Skateboard
  • You Push with the Entire Foot
  • Low-quality Skateboard Bearings
  • You Don’t Use Speed Washers

Below is a detailed explanation and solution for every possible problem!

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1. Too Tight Skateboard Wheels

One of the most common reasons a board might stop is that the wheels are too tight.

When your wheels are tightened too much, they can’t move freely, and this can cause your skateboard to stop suddenly.

To solve this issue, you should ensure that all your wheel bolts have been tightened to their appropriate specs.

Once that’s done, you can try tightening each wheel individually with a skateboard-tightening tool to get it right.

You can find one on Amazon if you don’t have one yet.

2. Dirty Skateboard Wheels

If dirt, grime, or other minerals are on your skateboard wheels, they can cause problems when you’re skating.

When these particles get stuck in the grooves of the wheel, they create friction that causes your board to stop suddenly.

To solve this issue, you should always give your wheels a quick clean before and after riding – this will help eliminate any sticky substances from getting onto your deck.

3. Soft Skateboard Wheels

Soft skateboard wheels have more traction. When you push down the wheels, their soft interior gives way more slowly than hard wheels.

This can cause your skateboard to suddenly stop when you’re trying to take off or turn.

The solution is simple – get harder skateboard wheels like Spitfire F4 97 Conical Full Skateboard Wheels. You can find them on Amazon!

4. Loose Skateboard Trucks

If your truck is loose, it can cause your skateboard to stop when you’re skating suddenly.

When the trucks are not tightened correctly, they can move around and cause problems when you push down on them.

To solve this issue, ensure that the screws that attach the trucks to the board are tight – and if necessary, replace them with a more sturdy screw.

5. Low-quality Skateboard

A low-quality skateboard has substandard wheels and bearings, which can cause your skateboard to stop when skating.

When a skateboard has crappy wheels, it will not have the same amount of traction as a better-quality skateboard.

As you push down on the wheels, they will not be able to grip the ground properly, and your board will suddenly stop.

To avoid this issue, invest in a good quality skateboard like Magneto SUV Skateboard with high-quality wheels and bearings.

You can find them online on Amazon or at your local store!

6. You Use the Wrong Pushing Technique

When you push down on your skateboard, ensure that you are pushing evenly and not putting too much pressure on one side of the board.

When you do this, it can cause the skateboard to stop when skating suddenly.

To avoid this issue, use a balanced pushing technique. It would help if you pushed using your front foot instead of the entire foot.

7. Low-quality Skateboard Bearings

If your skateboard bearings are low-quality, they can cause your skateboard to stop when you’re skating.

Low-quality bearings usually have low precession, meaning they do not rotate as fast as higher-quality bearings.

When you push down on the skateboard, the low precession will cause it to stop suddenly.

To avoid this issue, invest in high-quality bearings like Bones or ABEC 7 Skateboard bearings with increased precession and durability.

8. You Don’t Use Speed Washers

Speed washers are important when you’re skating because they help to increase the friction between your skateboard and the ground.

Without speed washers, your board will not grip the ground properly, and moving around won’t be easy.

To avoid this issue, use a quality speed washer like 8 Skateboard Truck Axle Washers that provides good lubrication for your bearings.

When Should You Replace Your Skateboard Wheels?

When you first get your skateboard, it is important to keep its wheels clean and lubricated. However, over time the wheel bearings will start to wear down.

When this happens, the wheel won’t spin as freely as it used to, and your board will become difficult to move around.

To avoid this issue, replace your skateboard wheels every four months or when they start showing signs of wear.

If you notice any of the following problems with your skateboard, it is important to take proper action:

  • Your skateboard is difficult to move
  • The wheels are not spinning freely
  • There is excessive metal rust on the bearings
  • The wheels are wobbling

How to Prevent a Skateboard from Stopping while Skating

There are a few things that you can do to prevent your skateboard from stopping while you’re skating.

First, make sure that the bearings are well-lubricated. Second, use high-quality wheels that have increased precession.

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Third, invest in speed washers to help increase friction between your board and the ground.

For more information on skateboard maintenance, consult your local retailer or online.

Why is my skateboard turning by itself?

One of the most common problems that skateboarders experience is their board turning by itself.

This can be caused by a number of different factors, including loose wheels, worn bearings, and incorrect wheel speed.

To prevent your board from turning by itself, make sure that all the wheels are properly tightened and that there isn’t any excessive play in the bearings.

Also, use a quality wheel lubricant to help increase friction between your board and the ground.

Why Does My Skateboard Keep Stopping? Final Thoughts

When a skateboard stops, it usually happens because something is wrong with the wheels.

To solve this problem, you should take care of your bearings and wheels after every ride.

Keep the wheels clean and bearings well lubricated using WD-40 and Silicone Lubricant.

If the problem persists even after performing these steps, consider changing your wheels or buying a new board to enjoy skating smoothly!

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