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Why is Skateboarding so Addictive?

Why is skateboarding so addictive? I cover in this guide why skateboarding can be so addictive. So, read on!

Skateboarding is an addictive and enjoyable activity. It involves physical movement that leads to the release of endorphin.

Endorphin is the hormone that alters your mind to keep riding even after injuries.

You don’t realize the injuries immediately; instead, you always desire to keep skating and feel injury pain later.

Why is Skateboarding so Addictive?

Skateboarding is addictive because of the endorphin and dopamine hormones generated in the brain when skating.

The endorphin and dopamine hormones will motivate you to stand up after a fall and keep skating. 

Skateboarding is also addictive because of the urge to keep fit and healthy, and the desire to learn and become a pro.

Lastly, skateboarding is so addictive since it boosts one’s confidence and promotes socialization.

Below, I elaborate on why skateboarding is so addictive!

1. Skateboarding Triggers the release of Endorphin and Dopamine Hormones

When skating, you will fall at times but the urge to continue comes as a result of the released endorphin.

The hormone motivates you to ignore anything that can stop you to ride.

Your brain also releases dopamine that creates focus toward achieving skating goals.

Your mind focuses on the achievement regardless of any obstacle.

The reward promised after the race also causes your mind to focus when dopamine is released.

2. Promotes Socialization

Skateboarding introduces you to new friends. The friends add more knowledge and expose you to new life experiences.

Your friends could be having the trick you need to know. If they share new skating ideas, you will love to implement them.

The social satisfaction you get from your friend leads you to stake it every day.

You might enjoy it more when you become close friends. You will share ideas outside skateboarding.

That way, you will create a family to take care of.

The new friends also share their experiences in skateboarding. Your experiences might match with you.

If they share different opinions, you will work hard to experience to narrow the gap between you and them.

The shared experiences pull you together and enjoy your friendship more.

3. The Urge to Keep Fit and Healthy

If your weight is excess, you need to lose some pounds. That is where skateboarding comes to the rescue.

You will have to skate every day to achieve your dream body shape.

Starting skating could be hard, but it gets better when you start reducing weight. The achievement will motivate you to race daily.

Skating can burn about 100 to 500 pounds in one hour. When you shade the maximum pound per day, you want to achieve that over and over.

4. The Desire to Learn and Become Pro

why is skateboarding so addictive?

Becoming a pro depends on your persistence. You cannot skate for one day and become the best skater. 

Skateboarding can be so hard and every trick needs enough time to learn.

One trick might take more than a week or a month to master. If you are a fast learner, you might take a week.

But, only persistence can reward your work.

You might think you know after the theory part of skating, but fail to implement what you learned appropriately.

So, learning is a process of success and failure. When you fail while implementing a trick, you must learn again and implement it once more.

You should not give up until you see become a pro.

When you become a pro at one trick, you become curious to learn more tricks.

So, you have to learn new tricks, giving each trick learning time and implementation time.

Success in one trick leads to the learning of the other.

5. Skateboarding Boosts One’s Confidence

Although falling is guaranteed when skateboarding, you’ll develop the attitude to continue skateboarding regardless.

Confidence helps you to keep away from the fear of falling.

You can try the hardest tricks if you are confident. Trying new ones every day motivates you to skate tirelessly.

Excelling in the new tricks brings a feeling to continue skating.

You can also skate anywhere. Your most significant work is to choose where to ride.

You can choose to ride on the streets or roads. None of the places will stop you from riding.

When you cannot use roads, use streets where people pass. 

Confidence gives you the ability to control your skateboard. You ride without fear if you know what to do when bearings break.

You need to have the right skills to fix the skateboard problems.

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