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Why Do My Feet Hurt When Skateboarding?

Why do my feet hurt when skateboarding? Feet may hurt when skateboarding due to strain from repetitive and forceful motion. 

The strain can also cause other conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, fractures, (traumatic or stress), and chilled tendonitis.

These conditions may require more intensive, longer-term therapy.

Why do my feet hurt when skateboarding? 

Your feet will hurt when skateboarding because of the following reasons; 

  • Wearing ill-fitting skateboarding shoes
  • If you are very new to skateboarding
  • Using the wrong size skateboard
  • If you shove your board hard
  • Wearing socks that can’t wick away sweat when skateboarding
  • Too loose or too tight truck 
  • Over skating 

Below, I elaborate on why your feet may hurt when skateboarding!

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1. Wearing ill-fitting Skateboarding Shoes

Shoes are very important in skateboarding. Wearing the wrong shoes gives you less control over your board.

Lack of control on the skateboard can lead to foot accidents and injuries. Below are factors to consider when buying skate shoes;

Recommendation From Other Skateboarders

Before buying skateboarding shoes, it’s healthy to ask other skateboarders about the shoes that they use.

This is necessary, especially when you’re still new to skateboarding and don’t know the best skateboarding shoes to go for.


Under the objective parameters, the shoe material should be the first thing to look for before buying shoes.

It does not mean that some materials are better than others. The truth is materials have their pros and cons.

For example, the canvas is light but can’t hold up through a lot of wear and tear. Leather is best if you want a long-lasting shoe.

Do not check only on the material. Also, make sure that it uses proper cushioning to make skating more comfortable.

Fallen skate shoes are among the best out there. They come with impact foam ensuring long-lasting impact cushioning.


Stitched shoes are the best since they only fall apart after long periods of use.

Always look for double or triple-stitched shoes. They tend to last longer compared to their glued counterparts.


Shoes made of sturdier and more durable materials are often heavier.  For this reason, you will want to find a shoe that strikes a good balance of durability and weight.

Avoid heavy shoes, they could hamper your ability to do tricks. If not careful, your feet will end up hurting.


Consider shoes that can grip your board when skating. Look for a shoe with grapy gum rubber. 

Beware of shoes that look exactly like skating shoes but are not. If not careful some “street shoes” will cause accidents and you may hurt your feet.

2. If You are Very New to Skateboarding

Your feet will hurt when skateboarding when you’re new to the sport since your feet muscles are yet to grow stronger.

Your feet may also hurt because of using the wrong technique when skateboarding, i.e., using the incorrect stance while skateboarding.

For this reason, the whole foot feels uncomfortable and fatigued after riding for a while. 

3. Using the Wrong Size Skateboard

Always choose your skateboard wisely.  For heavy skaters, you need more stability since you are more prone to injury.

For this reason, a wider deck is recommended. Also, check for kneecaps. Check for a skateboard size chart before selecting your skateboard.

Always ensure that your skateboard is not narrower or wider than the length of your feet. 

A wider deck will be difficult to control. Therefore, you will end up shifting your feet around to try and keep them in place.

On the other hand, narrow decks will force your foot to hang over the edge and put pressure on the balls of your feet.

Always ensure you have the right-sized board to avoid foot pain during skateboarding.

4. If You Shove your Board Hard

The more you shove on your board harder, the more you bend your feet. This vigorous exercise puts more pressure on your feet. 

Your feet can be sore. If you keep shoving hard or avoid protecting yourself, you increase the risk of injury.

5. Wearing Socks that Cannot Wick Away Sweat When Skateboarding

Make sure to wear thick long socks that cover your legs. These recommended skateboarding socks prevent blisters and skin irritation by reducing friction between the skate lining and your skin.

The right socks will also help your skateboarding shoes fit just right. 

6. Too Loose or Too Tight Truck

Loose trucks are not normally a danger, but tight trucks can be at times.

All the same, too loose trucks might cause your feet to hurt when skateboarding.  

They will cause your feet to slide around, leading to sore feet and other foot pain.

On the other hand, the tighter the trucks the tighter the turning radius. 

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7. Overskating

Overskating is a probable cause of foot pain when skateboarding. The following are some foot complications from overskating. 

  • Planter Fasciitis: caused by repetitive stress on the bottom of the foot, stretching from the heel towards the toes. Always avoid intense gripping motion of the toes while skating.
  • Tendonitis and sprain: caused by overuse and pressure placed on the feet while skateboarding. 
  • Neuroma: this is a pinched nerve in the foot. It is caused by overpronation, overuse, or poor technique.
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