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Why is Skateboarding so Fun?

Why is Skateboarding so Fun? I cover details of why skateboarding is fun in this guide. so, read on!

Do you know skateboarding is so fun? It is composing how skaters stand on board and enjoy riding without fear of falling.

Although falling is sure, the joy of riding keeps skaters moving.

Skateboarders achieve their desired body shape, interact with new friends, stabilize their emotions, and gain other benefits from skating.

Why is Skateboarding so Fun?

Skateboarding is fun because it burns body calories, helps in emotional management, is an adventurous game, works as transportation means, improves social interaction, and keeps you in control.

Let us discuss why skateboarding is so fun.

1. Burn Body Calories

When you skate regularly, you engage in daily exercise that helps to burn calories. The burned calories lead to weight loss.

Skateboarding involves whole-body movement. Legs and arms help to push off the board while the other body parts help to balance the board.

You use energy to flip, jump and push the board. You will burn calories estimated at 100 to 500 pounds in one hour.

If you don’t like going to the gym to lose weight, try skateboarding to lose weight.

The gym requires a trainer to instruct you on the process, but skating depends on your skills. The more the skills, the more you burn excess fats.

When you burn calories, your body becomes resistant to diseases caused by excess fat like high blood pressure, heart attack, and other heart diseases.

It is pleasing to keep your body in the right shape with skateboarding.

2. Helps in Emotional Management

When riding, you meet new people on your way and an attractive environment.

Your fellow skater will share diverse skating experiences and their new skating ideas. The conversation diverts your mind from a stressful mood.

The new environment might be impressive forcing you to focus on it. You will finally occupy your mind and keep away stress. 

Even so, you might face challenges when starting. You only need to be confident and keep riding until you become an expert.

Regular riders claim that continuous skating helps to manage stress.

3. It is an Adventurous Game

You can ride a skateboard anywhere and anytime. Unlike other activities like running, football, and other activities, skateboarding is not limited to time and place.

You can also choose where to enjoy as long as the surface provides ground for rolling. It could be on streets or car roads.

If you spend your day working, you can schedule your ride at night and enjoy a ride for as long as you wish.

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4. Transport Means

Skateboarding works as means of transportation. You don’t need to worry if you don’t have a bicycle or other transportation means. Your board serves the purpose.

If you don’t travel far, try skateboarding for transportation. You can also ride long distances if you are an experienced skater.

The racing will also save transportation costs. The money you could use for a bus fare can help you repair and maintain your skateboard to keep it in good condition.

5. Social Improvement

You will meet new friends once you go to the park or on the roads. The new friends expose you to a world you never knew before they share their skating experiences and new skills.

The new friends become closer as you continue interacting and enjoying friendship.

They also share different life experiences and their way of perspectives.

That way, you understand the different life approaches and appreciate each other.

Everybody is entitled to skateboard; the old and young enjoy skateboarding. Interacting with all groups of skaters helps you to break social barriers.

6. You are in Control

It is enjoyable to ride knowing the board can only move at your command.

If you fall, it is your fault. On the other hand, if you ride safely, it is your excellent work.

If your skateboard turns by itself, you can always fix the problem and keep riding.

When you master the balancing techniques, you will control the process.

One way to balance on board is to ensure your legs stand behind bolts to avoid breaking the board.

Secondly, ensure your body weight is slightly at the front. The body weight will help you to stabilize on board to avoid falling.

When you add more weight on the back foot, your body lifts the board which leads to falling.

When your skateboard bearing breaks or develops any complication, you can learn the causes and fix them.

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